Is Content Marketing for Boring Industries Harder?

The answer is “it depends”. The follow up question is “harder for who”?

Even industries that are considered the most boring have a lot of topics of interest, which you can write about.

Let’s take for example, concrete. Is there anything more boring than concrete?

Well, there are many different types of concrete (different mixtures of ingredients, cure times, colors, etc, etc).

People who work in concrete knows these nuances (of which I know only a few) and those nuances matter.

Using concrete that is “too soft” can compromise the structural integrity of things built upon them.

That being the case, it is entirely possible to generate content that is useful for people who work with concrete where those nuances and distinctions matter.

Per Google, the #1 Criteria in Quality is “Usefulness”

So as you create content for your desired audience,  keep the #1 criteria of usefulness in mind.

If you were a member of your desired target audience (a prospect for your business) what would you find useful and interesting?

  • How to?
  • History of?
  • Trends in?
  • Future of?

Whatever it may be, write and publish that stuff.

What formats would work best for you?

  • Text?
  • Text with pictures?
  • Video (useful does not mean fancy)?

Whatever it may be, use that format.

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