DIY Lead Generation thru Local SEO Marketing


Local SEO Marketing Requires Blogging

Local SEO Marketing Requires Blogging

Generating leads for your business through local SEO marketing is not exactly easy, but it’s also not rocket science. You CAN learn to do it yourself if you want.

The are many small businesses in the US who need greater web visibility and more leads, and simply can not afford the $1K to $4K per month needed for effective SEO services (ineffective services cost less per month, but don’t work, so be careful of low cost providers).

These phrases are all interrelated: Local SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

If you can draft, edit, revise, and ultimately send an email, you can use a Webserver platform named WordPress to draft, edit, revise, and schedule web site posts, which is the core activity of lead generation through local SEO marketing.

This is the core activity of local SEO marketing. There are technical things you need to know, but not many. Mostly you need to be able to write, and follow a well defined format for your posts and your overall collection of posts.

As you pay attention to discussions about marketing, you’ve likely stumbled across the terms Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. These terms are intended to describe how to effectively market your business via your website, and are different terms meaning “Blogging for Business”.

Having said that, Blogging for Business is not a casual activity you do when you have time. It is a structured methodical way of generating and publishing content to your website.

The content must appear to people, but for people to see it you must first get the attention of the search engines.

You CAN do it, when you can devote 7 to 10 hours a week to the effort.

Need to learn how to generate leads for your business? Talk to us, we can teach you.

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