What is Data Driven Marketing?

The world of marketing has a new buzzword and it’s Data Driven Marketing? A recent article asks marketing people how they might survive this  new world.

I recommend you shift your focus. Don’t plan to survive, learn to embrace.

Marketing has ALWAYS relied on data

3,000 years ago, if a merchant was expanding into a neighboring city state, he would send someone there with some goods and 6 months or a year later they guy would return with news of what sold, for how much, what didn’t, and what they might have sold if they had it.

50 years ago marketing agencies would do direct mail campaigns with different copies of the ad piece going to different groups of people and they would measure response rates, perform tests, make adjustments, and test again.

Today………. we’ve really got this dialed in, and we’re dialing it in tighter every year.

Today, Turn Around Times are Really Short

If you use the free tool of Google Analytics, you can hop into your analytics today to find out what occurred on your website yesterday.

You can look at a months worth of activity in aggregate, or 2 months, or 6.

You can test different ad copies (today they’re landing pages, not direct mail pieces) much easier and much quicker than every before.

And if you have a budget for Inbound Marketing you can (hopefully) afford some even better tools that makes this process easier.

Today, This is REALLY Cheap!

Today, even if you’re an early stage startup or a Main Street small business, these mechanisms (Inbound Marketing, and the tools to perform some analysis) are available to you.

Many great Inbound Marketing tools are free.

However, someone within your business has got to learn how to use them.

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      Kevin Carney,
      Your post is very useful as it contains very true lines of facts that data driven marketing helps into divert web traffic to your site which ultimately expand visibility onto web. Data is key to marketing and revenues and this is achieved using data-driven growth strategy for a business.

      Thank you for sharing Kevin.

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