The first principal of website conversion for your travel business (any business actually) is to tell your website visitors what specific action you wish them to take through the use of what are called Calls to Action.

This post focuses on the next conversion principal, which is showing them how.

Have you ever read an interesting web page on a company website and read “for more information, call us” then had a hard time finding their phone number? It makes you wonder what these companies are thinking. This is very poor design.

Since this annoys you, do not do this to your website visitors. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Not only is it important to tell your web visitors what to do, you need to make it clear and obvious how to take the action, and you need to make it easy.

A very useful visual aid is the CTA (Call to Action) button, which is a large button (see the bottom of this post for an example) which invites you to click it to take the appropriate action.

F0r your travel agency, your button should say something like “Contact Us Now”, then load a form which routes their information to you.

If you have an emergency hotline, there should be a button somewhere on the website that clearly says “For Emergency Contact, Click Here” and when they do they are presented either with the phone number to call, or the emergency contact form to fill out.

Exactly how yo do this will vary from business to business, but the main idea is to make it clear and obvious how to take the action, and to then make it easy to do so.

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