A previous article explained the importance of using good ad copy form your inbound marketing campaign (aka content marketing) and how the search engine result page is the first opportunity you have to influence your page being picked over that of another website (see the embedded image).

This article talks about what you put into your title and meta description to be enticing.

 What do you put in your title?

Here is a thought experiment to help you learn how to pick good titles. Pretend you wrote the article in MS-Word and purposely hid the file somewhere on your computer where you will not find it later.

These phrases all mean the same thing: Local SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

For  more information on how you do content marketing, click on any of the links in the prior sentence.

Then later, when you want to find it, use the Windows search feature to search for words and phrases you think you probably used in the document.

What phrase will you search for?

Use that as your title.

The words you use the search for the file are very likely to be excellent search terms that a web user will use to search for similar information.

What do you put in your meta description?

Keep in mind that consumers buy products and services that solve problems (real or imagined) they have.

Use this to your advantage in your description.

Use the format of “Question, statement” or “Statement, statement” when the last statement is something like (but not necessarily exactly like “click here now”.

An example is “How to you entice web searchers to pick your page over another from their search result page? Click here to learn more.” which in fact could be a good meta description for this article.

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