If You Only Have One Piece of Digital Real Estate…..

A recent article published in Lunametrics.com makes the rather bold statement that not every content marketing effort should include a blog.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is blogging, done effectively, attracts your audience to your website like nothing else, and when you then walk them through their buying decision process one step at a time, is the easiest and most effective conversion y0u’ll ever find.

I will go so far as to say that if blogging is not attracting sufficient people and if those people are not converting enough, you’re doing something wrong.

Your blog should be the first piece of your digital marketing efforts, and should be the central piece that all the other pieces support.

How do You Blog Effectively?

There are two main parts to this puzzle: attracting your audience, and conversion.

Attracting Your Audience

This is the easier part. The basic recipe is simple and anyone can follow it. The reason most people don’t is because it requires effort, focus, persistence, and consistency.

What you do is….. Publish a lot of content that is both interesting and useful to your desired audience, format it correctly for SEO, publish it in small bite sized chunks, at frequent intervals, and keep going.

This gets the attention of the search engine bots, which in turn bring people to your website via organic search.


This is less cut and dry. Conversion is the process of walking your website visitors through their buying decision process one step at a time. This requires that you understand their buying decision process and that you implement effective Calls to Action that are different on different web pages. This also requires what is called A/B testing, as slight changes in the design of a landing page can have a significant impact on the number of visitors who take the next step, but it’s not always obvious what change will have what effect.

In Conclusion

Conversion requires trial and error. Attracting your audience simply requires proper publishing tactics

Neither is rocket science and anyone can leave to do both.

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