Content Marketing Guide to Definitive Penguin Friendly SEO.
The key to good SEO is words. Technical aspects help, but words are the difference that makes the difference.

A recent article on a leading search website published what they’re calling the definitive guide to Penguin friendly SEO.

Its a bit long and rather technical and I believe all their points make good sense, but relative to the practical aspects of content marketing (aka inbound marketing) they are being a tad bit too detailed.

It is true there are 200 some odd aspects of a perfect post.

These phrases all mean the same thing:Local SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

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However when you focus on 10 of them, you get 90% of the benefit.

Since two of the top ten aspects are quantity and frequency, the time spend making a post perfect in every way might be better spent writing and scheduling new posts.

There is no substitute for publishing a large quantity of relevant content in bite sized chunks at frequent intervals over a long period of time.

Having said that you need to strike the right balance between what a search engine deems to be interesting and what a human reader deems to be interesting.

Hence some of the technical aspects matter (most specifically choosing good titles), but nothing will create good SEO out of a small quantity of posts.

If you want to outrank the top ranking website for your type of business, find out how many posts are on their site and how often their site is updated.

Then update yours more often until you have more posts than they do.

In short, use your words, both quantity and quality.

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