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Content Marketing vs Link Building for Long Term Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Results

Content Marketing vs Link Building: Another False Choice

I love a good false choice. Every time I find one it gives me something to write about.

In, an article was just published titled….

The title of the article, and the article itself position Content Marketing and Link Building as being two different ways of increasing your search engine ranking.
The problem is, he describes a structured program of generating and publishing quality content on a regular basis, and compares that to the acquisition of back links that are of questionable quality or SPAM back links.
What he’s really comparing is one good practice against one bad practice.
The nature of the false choice is content published for a content marketing effort can be of high quality but can also be crap.
Additionally, requesting links back to articles on your website can be a quality activity (good links from good sites to useful content) but can also be done in a way that is web spam:
  • Links from sites of a different topic.
  • Lots of low quality links from crap sites.
  • Links to articles on your site that are crappy.

Recommendation: Write Good Stuff and Network with Peers for Link Building

In the real world, the physical world, the world outside the computer, there is nothing wrong with working with other business owners to help each other grow their businesses. This is commonly done by sending each other referrals.

By the same logic, there is nothing wrong with doing this in cyberspace.

In the real world, you would probably not ask the local strip club to promote your after school tutoring business as the connection between the two businesses is weak at best.

The same concept applies on the Internet, but in addition to referrals, we also exchange links.

If a quality site is linking to a quality article, that is a good thing.

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