Emotion Sells, Benefits Validate

We’ve all heard this, but it’s easier to hear than to really understand.

We humans like to think we’re rational beings who make decisions based on intellect, but we’re not.

The part of us that says “I must have that” is emotional. The rational part of us will ratify the decision, and allow the purchase to happen, but unless we want something on an emotional level, the intellect has no reason to get involved.

So how do you appeal to emotion in what you publish on your blogs and say on your landing pages?

I have no earth shattering news here and I’m simply recycling ideas we’ve all heard before, but sometimes it helps to do so.

Let me further state this post is a little outside my comfort zone, as while I recognize the need to appeal to emotion, I wish it wasn’t true. I would prefer a world in which reason and intellect ruled, and for that reason I’m not great at following my own advise on this subject.

Fear of Loss is Stronger than Hope of Gain

When you imply (or outright state) what can happen if someone does NOT take action, it stirs something deep in us.

Relative to your products or services, what might someone lose if they choose to not work with you?

Greed, Fear, and Pain

The classics. In a way greed is fear as we all need to provide. Either for ourselves or ourselves and our families. Can you frame your product or service in such a way as to trigger a fear response?

Pain related to the topic about, about fear of loss.

We Want to Belong, to Connect

We are probably biologically wired to connect with each other. How can you create a sense of community in the use of your products and services?

Where do You Use This?

In every blog post? Certainly no. Landing pages? Absolutely yes. Elsewhere? It depends.

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