Content Marketing Ideas for the Month of [Whatever]

Maybe I’m over reacting, but headlines such as the one above annoy me. To me they seem to imply Content Marketing tricks.

Just the other day, in PracticalEcommerce, just such a post was published.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2014

They do make a good point, which is you can make use (by referencing) timely events in your Content Marketing.

However I feel they’re making use of the wrong timely events.

Although people do tend to search for things like:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Autumn drives
  • Veterans Day

So many people and so many businesses write about them that your articles and stories that reference them are likely to be lost in all the noise. Especially since that stuff people published last year (and the year before, and the year before, and……) are still on the Internet and are being ranked in search results.

Timely vs Timeless

The strategy the author is touching upon is the use of timely topics in your posts. A timely topic is something that is in the news now. A very recent event.

Right now we’re in the midst of the Ebola scare. If your product or service somehow ties to Ebola (and the tie must be real), by all means publish a story about the Ebola crisis, then explain how your product or service helps.

I just advise you to stay away from annual holidays, unless of course your product or service is specifically useful on those holidays.

Good example and not so fun fact….. Did you know the single busiest day for plumbers in the US is Thanksgiving?

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