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Content Marketing for Small Businesses IS Fundamentally Different

As in different from big business SEO. The most significant difference is the amount of money available.

When you have a big budget, you can do things that small businesses can not do.

When you’re doing Content Marketing on a shoe string budget, you must either do things differently,  or be left behind.

For some reason I have a desire to bring the incredible lead generation power of Inbound Marketing to people who have small budgets.

I want to help level the playing field by helping Main St. compete more effectively against Wall St.

For that reason it is gratifying to find someone else who speaks to this need, to the fact that it CAN be done, and to how to do it.

Right now, my kudo’s go to Arnie Kuenn, the CEO of Vertical Measures. In the spirit of full disclosure, Vertical Measures seems to be one of those digital marketing agencies most small businesses will not be able to afford. Their Our Team page lists 46 team members, and it takes a lot of revenue to generate that many pay checks.

However that does not detract from a post he recently published in MarketingLand titled…

Stop Wasting Time & Money On Your Content Marketing

For those of you who don’t read the entire post by clicking on the link above, the summary is:

  1. View content marketing as speaking to and educating your audience.
  2. Get started without a full blown strategy. Just get stared.
  3. When it comes to quality, useful trumps compelling.
  4. Your storytelling does not have to be awesome.
  5. Content has to be useful, even if it’s not perfect and it’s short.
  6. Focus on simple ROI metrics of traffic and leads.
  7. The people who know the customers best, create the most useful content.
  8. Social media engagement helps you know what is resonating with your audience.

Learn More about Inbound Marketing on a Small Budget?

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