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Content Marketing Allows Small Businesses to Compete with the Big Boys and their Large Marketing Budgets

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing through journalism.

You publish articles and stories your desired audience finds interesting and useful. You do so in a very systematic methodical way, publishing most (almost all) on your web site, where every post is properly formatted for strong SEO.

After the Google search engines determine your website is for real (most websites are updated when they’re new, then left to go stagnant), visitors start showing up via organic search.

Rather than selling advertising, you sell your audience your goods and services, which you know they’re interested in, because what you publish on your website is stories that are interesting to people who buy what you sell.

How do small businesses compete?

Because the cost of having a website and publishing fresh content has plummeted.

A domain now costs maybe $10 a year. WordPress is free. Hosting for a WordPress website is around $80 a year.

From there someone does the website setup (which can cost a lot or a little, depending upon circumstances and decisions), and you start publishing.

If someone in the business can devote 1 to 2 hours a day, the true cost of this effort becomes that 1 to 2 hours a day.

How do you know how to do it?

What’s missing from the words above, is the detailed knowledge of how to do Inbound Marketing.

  • How do you properly setup your WordPress site?
  • How do you properly format a post for SEO?
  • How often do you publish?
  • How long are you posts?

Teaching you that part is what we do at Inbound Marketing University.

The reason IMU exists is to bring the cost of Inbound Marketing down to where a small business can afford it and can compete against the big boys.

Learn more….

Download the eBook: The 7 Fundamentals of Being Found Online


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