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Content Curation is Original Content and Helps Increase Your Sites Ranking and Grow Your Traffic

Content Curation as a Content Creation Strategy

I subscribe to as many digital or Internet or Inbound or Content marketing newsletters as I can find. Every day I scan the trade press. Invariably (almost every day) I find an article where:

  • I have a strong opinion about what is said, one way or another.
  • I feel I have something to add to the conversation.

That article then inspires a blog post of mine. This very post was inspired by an excellent article I just found.

At this point I wish to refer you to the article I’m curating right now.

I’ve summarized his main points above, and rather than me repeat too much of what he says, please read the post by following the link below.

7 Content Marketing Tips For When You Lack Time & Resources

It’s actually rather rare that I agree with every little detail of other articles about Content Marketing (I’m the guy who finds it easy to see exceptions to the rules), but for this article (written by Chuck Sharp of Right Intel), I do.

The name of this strategy is (not surprisingly) Content Creation as Content Curation.

Some have told me curated content is not “original”. I suppose sometimes the curation is so poor it isn’t.

However when you have a contribution to make, when you have something to say, content curation is a very useful way of producing very useful content.

If you’ve read other stuff I’ve written on this website, you may know I’m a strong proponent of the Google definition that a high quality webpage is one that is very useful. Not pretty, not responsive, not stuffed with keyword phrases, but useful.

In being useful it may be pretty, responsive, and stuffed with keyword phrases, but those should never be the focus of what you’re publishing.

Useful is when it provides answers or at the very least gets someone pointed in the right direction.

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