inbound and content marketing trends for 2015

Content and Inbound Marketing Trends to Increase Traffic and Leads in 2015

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3 Trends in Inbound and Content Marketing in 2015 to Increase Traffic and Generate Leads

In that prior post I listed the first of three trends I predict will help with Inbound Marketing success.

The other two are below.

Thought Leadership SEO Formatting

The first time I heard this phrase I thought “Oh no, another meaningless industry buzzword”. However when it was explained to me what is meant by Thought Leadership SEO, I immediately decided it means something truly meaningful.

The characteristics of Thought Leadership SEO are:

  1. Discusses a big picture topic.
  2. Addresses the highest level people in your industry.
  3. Expresses a strong opinion.
  4. Cites real research studies.
  5. Contains substantial analysis and draws a strong conclusion.
  6. Expresses the ideas through stories, examples, and your personal perspective.

Over time, articles formatted as described above will eventually rise in the SERP’s above all the crap posts that use a lot of words to say nothing.

Inbound Marketing, Marketing, and PR Unify Through Journalism

Inbound marketing can be thought of as the technical operational aspects of publishing stories and articles in such a way as to get the attention of the search engines. That is only a subset of what Inbound Marketing is, but without that everything else is irrelevant. If the search engines don’t bring your audience to your website, it doesn’t matter what you publish.

The core activities of Inbound Marketing are:

  • Publishing a lot of useful and relevant content
  • In fairly small bite sized easily digestible chunks
  • At frequent intervals
  • And continuing to do so indefinitely

Of course every post must be properly formatted for strong SEO.

Aside from the technical aspects of SEO, the activities described above could be called Blogging, but can also be called Journalism.

Is what I’ve described above fundamentally different from what is done on the Washington Post, the New York Times, FOX News?

Journalism and the operational and editorial processes of Journalism will be what unifies Marketing and PR and Inbound Marketing will become process focused and look a lot like journalism.

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