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Consumer Buying now Starts with Organic Traffic and Inbound Marketing

Buying Now Starts with Searching

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, a movie to go see, you need a new bed, or are thinking of buying a car, we now start our buying process by going online and doing a search.

Organic search traffic has forever transformed the way we do business, but some businesses have been very slow to get this.

Rather than that being a problem for you as a business owner, the best thing you can do is turn it into an opportunity by getting with the program.

There are several things that make Inbound Marketing compelling, not the least of which is:

It upends the traditional buying process. Rather than overtly selling, you instead:

  • Educate and inform
  • Provide real value through articles on your website
  • Allow your prospects and customer to work on their schedules
  • Attract buyers who really have an interest in what your website talks about

Ironically, you sell more by changing from selling to educating. While this may be non intuitive, enough people have done it in the past several years for you to be comfortable this really happens.

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