Modern day lead generation via Inbound Marketing is yet one more way the Internet has disrupted and is continuing to disrupt the economics of many industries:

  • Email is replacing faxing.
  • Interactive maps are replacing paper maps.
  • Online encyclopedias are replacing hard copy volumes.
  • Buying individual songs online is replacing buying albums and CDs.
  • Online movie streaming is replacing VHS and DVD rentals.

What does this mean to you and your business? provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

As standing in opposition to this trend is like standing in opposition to a tidal wave, what this means is you need to get with the program.


  • We (collectively) are increasingly ignore “traditional” marketing as we see too much of it.
  • Your customers and prospects want answers and solutions, which Inbound Marketing allows you to provide at very minimal expense.
  • Leads from Inbound Marketing source are MUCH cheaper than leads from other sources (61% cheaper per some).
  • Leads from Inbound Marketing sources close at a much higher rater than leads from other sources.
  • Your competition is doing this and if you wait too long, the effort to catch up will be much greater.

In summary, Inbound Marketing is so effective and so cheap compared to other forms of advertising, that you can not afford not to do this.

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