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Business to Business Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Driving Traffic

Search Engine Optimization for B2B

People sometimes say to me that B2B SEO is different from B2C SEO because business sales are different from consumer sales.

While there are differences (the biggest difference being in B2B people are not spending their own money), businesses consist of people who need things for their businesses and often go online to do research before buying.

We should no be comparing B2B and B2C, we should be comparing buying processes.

People tend not to search online for very expensive things, whether it’s luxury yachts or mainframe computers (and yes, people do still buy mainframe computers).

People do tend to search online for less expensive things, whether it’s cars or managed IT services.

The differentiation is not whether the product or service is being sold to a consumer or a business, but rather are the items being sold into a large enough market for a small enough price?

B2B or B2C: The SEO Process is the Same

I don’t even like using the name SEO any more, as many people think SEO means doing technical adjustments on the back end of a website. Creating title tags, meta descriptions, H1 headers, etc.

While SEO includes these things (and more), the technical aspects of SEO just simply have to be in place, but all by themselves provide so little advantage it’s fair to say they provide none.

If you’re not publishing content to your community (even if your community is being built) at very regular intervals, you’re not doing SEO.

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