Blogging for business (aka Inbound Marketing) is mostly about publishing

Business Blogs (Inbound Marketing): Engagement with Content

The big promise (or at least the stated intention) of social media marketing is people engaging with a brand.

You’ll find studies saying that 80% of social media users prefer to engage via social media networking website X (where X is Facebook, Twitter, or some such). As you can guess, these studies are generally funded by X.

As a brand, what will work best for YOU and create the greatest engagement for you.

Believe it or not, the answer is your business blog.

The more professionally sounding term of business blogging is Inbound Marketing, and there is a reason why it’s the most effective way to create engagement with future customers. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

The reason your blog is the best venue is two fold and they reinforce each other:

  1. Winding up your website via a campaign of content and publishing (to YOUR website) gets the attention of the search engines, which in turn bring you visitors via organic search. You know these visitors have an interest in your products and/or services BECAUSE they arrived via organic search.
  2. When they leave comments, you know exactly which topics interest them, AND by virtue of them updating your website (via a comment) they increase the visibility of your website to the search engines.

These two things together create a virtuous circle, where more content attracts more visitors, more visitors attracts more comments, more comments attracts more visitors, etc.

When your business needs more traffic, more leads, and more business, you want to learn from people who know how. When you ask us to provide our results, we do.

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