Business Blogging is NOT like Personal Blogging

That may be an obvious statement, but I see a lot of business blogs that don’t seem to fully understand this.

This post is inspired by an article I read where the author is on the right track, but in some areas has the wrong focus.

The title of the article is “6 Easy Steps to Create a Business Blogging Action Plan“.

Below I comment on her 6 steps, one by one.

Declare Your Blogs Purpose

As a business owner, your purpose should to be generate leads.

That being the case, the three questions I start with are:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • To the best of your knowledge, what decision process do they go through in becoming a customer?

Decide on a Theme

When you answer the questions above, this becomes more clear and obvious. Keep in mind that what you think looks good is not relevant. It’s what your target audience thinks looks good that matters. Ask some and get their input.

Create the Right Content

And create it in the right format. What is the right format?

Short focused posts, each containing one answer or one main idea, published at frequent intervals, on an ongoing basis, where each and every post is properly formatted for strong SEO, which means:

  • Post titles are search engine friendly
  • Headers (H1, H2, etc) are somewhat search engine friendly (not nearly as important as titles)
  • Image captions, alt text, and descriptions are search engine friendly
  • Links to posts on other sites and to other posts on your site are meaningful

Create an Editorial Calendar

Publish new posts MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. At least two, preferably three. Five is even better (but harder to sustain).

Develop an Irresistible Sign-Up Incentive

This is why you answered the initial questions above. By knowing who you sell to and what decision process they go through, you have a sense of what this really means. Remember it’s not what seems irresistible to you, it’s what seems irresistible to them.

Not only that, but walk them through their decision process one step at a time.

If you ask someone (through a Call to Action) to do more than they are willing to do, they won’t do it.

Promote Your Blog

Where and how you do this depends on who you sell to. As I sell to business owners, LinkedIn is much better for me than Facebook. As Twitter is easy to automate and let run, just do it.

Capturing email address and building an email list is really important. Those infamous studies show email is more effective at people taking action than Social Media updates.

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