Best DIY SEO Tips

In the spirit of full disclosure, the title of this blog post is a bit misleading. While there are best DIY SEO tips, this post is about how some publications offer tips that do not give you enough information to work with.

Take for example this recent article published in a leading Internet marketing publication:

The 9 Step DIY Guide To Online Marketing For SMBs

Below I summarize and comment on their 9 steps.

Get Involved In Social Media

Interesting? Another recently published article that is making the rounds describes a study which reveals that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search, while 5% comes from social media. If you want to grow your website audience, should you not put more effort into organic search? How?

Start Blogging

Now you’re talking. Don’t just start, but blog A LOT. The strongest search signals are; quantity (how much stuff is published on your website), quality (how good is it from both a human and an SEO perspective), consistency (update your website often), and longevity (keep doing it).

By the way, this is the answer to the question “How?” from above.

Build Relationships With The Media

I agree.

Offer Content Your Audience Wants

Yes, but how do you know what your audience wants? What about if you do not yet have an audience? Why not write about what you want people to respond to, and then when the search engines start bringing your audience, they’ll bring the right audience. Does that make sense?

Pay Attention To Analytics

Although this should also be an absolute yes with no questions asked, I do feel this does bear emphasis. I know a lot of people who blog without checking their analytics.

Make Sure Your Emails Speak To The Recipient

Of course, but again how do you know what speaks to the recipient. My method is to make up a fictional character and write for them. Do you sell bathroom remodeling services? Then meet Jennifer, a 35 years old wife and mother of two school age children who leads a busy life. Do you sell lawn mowers? Then meet Fred, a 42 years old husband and father who owns a nice house in the suburbs and takes lawn care very seriously. I think you get the point.

Perfect Your On-Site SEO

Exactly how is the average DIY’er supposed to know how to do this?

Try Guest Blogging

Good idea. How do you go about finding other websites who might appreciate a guest post?s

Make Sure The Pieces & Parts Work Togethers

Again, what does that actually mean?


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