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If you read things I’ve said in the past, you know I rail against people who publish crap for the sake of publishing something.

Now before you get too judgmental, I’ve published my fair share of crap. What makes me different is I WANT you to call me on it. When you call me on it, I become a better writer.

This philosophy of mine probably explains why I was so happy to find the following article written by Dan Fahrner of SmallBox, published on

Using Culture to Humanize Your Content

While his focus is slightly different from mine, the core principal is the same. At least it seems so to me.

Using Culture

Dan’s focus (and I’ve learned the focus of SmallBox) is to use culture to humanize content.

As I enjoy precision, let me go so far as to define “humanize” as “something human beings appreciate and respond to”.

He uses Southwest Airlines safety talks as an example of “content” (it is) that is influenced by culture. There is no edict from SWA corporate that safety talks need to be funny, yet the flight attendants have both the leeway to improvise and support within SWA culture to do so.

This has resulted in some truly hilarious and engaging safety lectures. In Dan’s post (the link is above) he provides an example of a truly hilarious SWA safety lecture.

I have a different personal favorite SWA safety lecture, which is below.

Just Being Real

While my focus is slightly different, in my mind the difference is very slight.

If there is something you want to say, and it’s how you truly feel, and it’s not overtly offensive, say it!

There is too much crap being published on the web. Too many people who publish for the sake of publishing and end up regurgitating the same old nothingness over and over as if we might find it “new” and “interesting” when they publish it, even though it was boring and uninteresting the other times.

If (Maybe When) I Do This….

Please call me on it.

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      Hey, Kevin! Thanks for the Relevance mention. I’m glad you found Dan’s article to be inspiring. Hope to see you around!


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