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Best Business to Business Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Grow Traffic

Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques for B2B

First let us define what SEO means.

Search Engine Optimization is when you strike the right balance between appealing to people, and appealing to search engine robots.

What do People Want?

Answers. They search online because they want to do things, learn things, or find things. They also want this process to be fairly quick and easy.

How do you best appeal to people?

  1. Answer one question per article.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Publish stuff that is truly useful.

What do Search Engines Want?

Since they don’t really “think” they don’t “want” so a better answer is what do they respond to. What do search engine robots take into consideration when ranking sites.

After years of learning from experts I can confidently say the answers are:

  1. Publish a lot of articles on your site.
  2. Publish good stuff.
  3. Format it for proper SEO:
    • Good search friendly titles
    • Include an image with a good caption and description
    • Include one external link (a citation of sorts)
    • include one internal link
  4. Publish often
  5. Keep publishing
  6. Network with other business owners and webmasters to obtain quality incoming links (backlinks are when people use someone on your site as a citation).

How do I Know This?

Years of working with people who have figured this out and taught others, including me.

I’ve done this several times myself and I’ve taught dozen’s of people how.

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