What is inbound marketing strategy?

Back to the basics. Understanding Inbound marketing strategy

What is inbound marketing?

It is a marketing strategy that emphases on a getting found by potential customers. But getting found by potential customers is not simple as it sounds because inbound marketing is more off just attracting folks to your website. You need to be very strategic.

Inbound marketing has the following components. :

  • Content for your audience that they will find relevant and engaging.
  • The right audience that can pair with your content.
  • How to capture the identity of your target audience.
  • Nurturing your audience through the buyer’s journey.
  • Convert them into customers.

How do you identify your target audience?

A buyer persona allows you to identify your target audience. Therefore the need to have a more focused buyer persona to be more successful in marketing and selling to that audience.

It is very important to know who your buyer so that you create content specifically for them as the hook to your inbound marketing strategy.

Creating a persona is not rocket science. You only need to gather demographic and psychographic information about your buyer.

The importance of content in inbound

Content speak specifically to your ideal buyer.  When you are thinking about creating content always consider creating strong pieces of content and repurpose it into additional pieces.

Always create content that is aimed at addressing the questions your buyers have. Give them a reason why they should choose you over your competitors.

After creating great content that really speaks to your buyers throughout their journey, the next step is to activate some promotion to help get that content seen. Then…

Nurture and Convert

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