Attract Your Audience via SEO Plus

Since the Inbound Marketing industry is full of buzzwords, it occurred to me there is no harm in one more, so I made one up.

SEO Plus.

What is SEO Plus?

It is a given that your website, your web pages, and each of your individual posts must follow proper SEO disciplines, because if they do not your site and your posts will not be found by the search engines, but being found by the search engines is not enough.

Inbound marketing is about attracting an audience, and publishing stuff they want to read, stuff they are genuinely interested in.

So I call this SEO Plus. The plus is appealing to people.

The “Plus” is Not New

Every publication that sells advertising does this.

So how do these publications (and yes they are all publications in various forms) attract and maintain their audiences.

The Not so Secret Formula

First, write stuff your desired audience wants to read, listen to, watch, etc.

Second there are tried and true formula’s these publications (with the possible exception of Knitting Today) have learned and are constantly working to perfect.

We love stories

We love conflict (good buys vs bad guys)

We love emotional pull

Take My Friend Marina for Example

Marina is a functional medicine doctor who wants to correct some of the bad things our current food and illness treatment industries do. Her efforts are ripe for the items above.

Marina can easily incorporate all of the above into her blog posts. She has seen some amazing results in her practice from the lady who was exhausted for 10+ years and now leads a very active life to the couple who tried to conceive for years, paid thousands of dollars to fertility clinics then six months after starting work with Marina got pregnant.

All of those can be told as a story, with a bad guy, and strong emotional appeal.

What examples of this exist in your business?

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