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Attracting Visitors via Organic Search Traffic is Publishing, not SEO per se

Once Upon a Time, SEO was Enough

When search engine marketing was in it’s infancy, you could obtain a high website ranking by doing technical SEO adjustments to the back end of your website. Stuff like adjusting your title tags, and managing keyword density, etc, etc.

There are two main reasons why that no longer works:

1) The Internet is more crowded every day so competing on technical merits is no longer sufficient.

2) Google keeps updating their algorithm in search of the holy grail of “high ranking = content that is useful”.

Both of the reasons above are beyond your direct control, and in my humble opinion, Google is starting to do a much better job at filtering out crappy content.

So what’s a small business Inbound or Content Marketing person to do today?

You Become a Publisher of Stuff that IS Useful

What are you trying to attract? What do they find interesting?

Publish that stuff and publish fresh stuff at least twice a day.

You do not need to publish long 800 to 1,000 word posts and in most cases you don’t want to. We live in an age of diminishing attention spans where getting an answer quickly is important.

Within your business prospects and clients have asked you questions. Each question becomes a blog post. Answer the question in 200 to 250 words and do so twice a day.

If what you do lends itself to video (for example if you sell healthy eating and recipes, videos showing the dish are valuable) but this can be twice weekly, not twice a day. For the remaining posts a still image is more than sufficient.

You Publish Consistently

Twice a day. Seriously. You can do it.

You Format for Good SEO

This includes a few things under your direct control:

  • Create good SEO friendly blog post titles
  • Include one external link
  • Include one internal link
  • Include an image with a good caption, alt description, and description.

You Join a Community Who Help Each Other

Publishing a lot of posts (over time) that are properly formatted for good SEO is not enough.

You also get found more by being found more. What I mean is being found increases how often you’re found.

From an SEO perspective, being found means:

  • People link to your posts.
  • People comment upon your blog posts.
  • People share your blog posts via social media (Google+ in particular).

Everybody interested in attracting their audience via organic search traffic has the same issue here. So the thing to do is to join a community of people who help each other increase the visibility of their websites.

Then a few times a week you send out a blog post you’re particularly proud of into the community and invite sharing. Of course you do this for others in the community as well, and through this process you increase the rankings of each others websites and individual blog posts.

You Implement Clear CTAs

CTA stands for Call to Action.

For example, now that you’re ready to grow your online presence and generate leads through your website….

Take the next step now…

SEO Needs Link Building


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