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Hi, I’m Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing minute describes how you increase the number of website visitors who are likely to buy, by increasing the number of website visitors who are not.

The principle behind this is that websites that are busier tend to rank higher.

Getting your website busier will improve your rankings in the search engine result pages.

The way you do this or one way to do this is to broaden the topic or set of topics that you publish about.

I’ll give you two specific examples. If what you sell is solar power systems for homes and commercial buildings, who is it that you’re writing for? You’re writing for home owners and you’re writing for commercial property managers.

What do they have an interest in? Home owners are interested in more than just solar power solutions. They’re interested in various aspects of home ownership.

Allow me to ramble for a minute. It could be stuff related to mortgages, lawn care, home repairs, water conservation, etc., etc.

A commercial facilities manager, they have an interest in various topics related to the management of commercial facilities.

By broadening your topic you bring people to your website who read articles about aspects of these topics that are NOT related to solar power.

You have an opportunity to have them see your call to action at the bottom of every blog post that says, “Hey, check out our solar power solutions,” or some form thereof.

Although it’s counter intuitive to some people that I talk to, you will generate more leads and sell more stuff by broadening your topic and attracting people to your website who will NEVER buy.

By virtue of them showing up, your website gets busier, and your website ranks higher.

You end up attracting more people who will buy.

To learn more contact us by leaving a comment below or you can click the link above to download our e-book, “The 7 Fundamentals of Being Found Online.”

Thank you.

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