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As Local SEO Marketing Experts Disagree, Who Do You Trust?

I never intended this topic to become a series, but it is sort of taking on a life of it’s own.

Two earlier posts describe things in general terms:

  • “Local SEO Marketing Confusion? Why Lead Generation Experts Disagree”
  • “Why Do Local SEO Marketing Experts Disagree on what Generates Leads?”

Now lets get specific. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Moz publishes an SEO cheat sheet every year that identifies the 220 (give or take) things that go into a perfectly SEO formatted post, as well as the “off page” things you need to be concerned with.

This is indeed a bit bigger than  the elephant used as a metaphor in the prior post.

Claims on what you need to worry about vary (significantly) from expert to expert.

There are so many “critical” aspects it can make your head spin.

So how do YOU decide which experts have a strong track record and which experts do not?

Simple… Ask for two things:

  1. Ask them to show you LIVE analytics (actually Google Webmasters Tools AND Google Analytics) of existing clients!
  2. Ask them for performance based pricing! If they’re willing to make money when you make money, they are confident in their abilities.

When your business needs more leads, you should talk to us. We can help.

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