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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is about marketing automation.

In a prior video I described the three forms or kinds of email marketing.

To summarize, there’s the weekly newsletter which is where everyone gets the same email at the same time.

There’s the autoresponder and the DRIP feed where everyone gets the same sequence of emails but on a schedule that is triggered by when they filled out a form on your website.

And the third one, which is the most time consuming to setup, the most sophisticated, the most expensive, but also the most effective, is called marketing automation.

And marketing automation is where the software tracks whether the person who received the email did or did not follow the recommended action.

You might send an email that suggests they watch a video that makes a point.

And the marketing automation software tracks if they did or didn’t.

So if they didn’t, the next email they get, maybe two days later, reminds them to, and if they did, of course that email would be inappropriate, so you send them an email that asks them how they liked it and if they have any questions and redirects them to a webform where they can submit questions.

You can then track whether they do or do not go to the webpage where they can submit  questions for purposes of the next email.

So marketing automation has a bunch of if-then conditions which determines which emails go out next.

That’s why it’s the most effective. It creates the most personalized experience of any of the three options.

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