This article is part of the larger series titled the ABC’s of Inbound Marketing. For access to the entire series select the link in the prior sentence.

A prior post explained the importance of maintaining consistency in your Inbound Marketing efforts.

This post provides tips of how YOU maintain consistency.

Inbound Marketing is writing. Inbound Marketing is publishing.

Publish or perish is not just for academia any more.

It’s for YOUR business.

There are times we just don’t feel like writing. There are times we’re not sure what to say.

None the less, you MUST publish at regular intervals, and websites that are updated multiple times per day attract far more leads than those that don’t.

  1. Generate your content first thing in the morning before you do anything else. Schedule this into your day.
  2. Write posts in series. This post is part of a series titled The ABCs of Inbound Marketing. By generating series you give yourself multiple ideas at once.
  3. Find and use an accountability buddy. Form a blogging group if needed.
  4. Give yourself a small reward every day after you complete your daily allotment (chocolate anyone?).
  5. Stop watching television. Blog instead.

Basically adopt the attitude and paradigm of a newspaper. Establish deadlines and keep them, no matter what. If you have other suggestions on how you maintain consistency in your blogging / Inbound Marketing schedule, please leave a comment and share.

When you need more tips on attracting more web traffic, more leads, and more business, talk to us. We can help.

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