ABCs of Inbound Marketing: Know your bounce rate

ABCs of Inbound Marketing: Bounce Rate: Know it, Don’t Stress it

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When a website visitor arrives at one of the pages on your website, then leaves your website without reading any other pages, this is called a bounce.

Your Inbound Marketing bounce rate is the rate at which this happens.

A bounce rate of 65% means that 65 visitors out of 100 only enter and exist your website on the same page, which is to say they never read another.

Why does this matter?

Word is Google uses bounce rate as a search signal. For that reason, you should know it. provides Inbound Marketing services as well as teaches YOU to generate leads through Inbound Marketing on your own (with our guidance and coaching). Please review our success stories, read up on Local SEO Marketing, and read up on Inbound Marketing.

What is an average bounce rate?

Per Wikipedia, 50% is average. Per me, 65% is average (this is based on seeing this statistic in websites I manage, as well as website managed by our clients and students.

Is a high bounce rate a bad thing?

It’s bad in as much as it reduces the search ranking of our website. Having said that, it seems to be a secondary search signal as I’ve seen sites with a high bounce rate (70% and higher) attract a lot of unique visitors and page views.

From a human perspective, it’s not necessarily bad. If you follow the paradigm of one blog post answers one question, are you doing too good of a job if people are easily finding answers? Perhaps.

Refer to this article on Search Engine Watch for suggestions on how to reduce your bounce rate.


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