Why is Content Marketing so Hard?

It’s not!

So why are so many B2B business marketing professionals believe they’re not good at it?

Probably because they’re NOT good at it.

Because I publish rather prodigiously about Inbound and Content Marketing, I scan the industry press every day and it never ceases to amaze me some of the terrible advise experts at Content Marketing give to others.

Because of this I find it easy to believe there are a lot of marketing people practicing Content Marketing who use as their starting point, a really bad education.

I suppose I should rejoice in this as an opportunity, because effective Content Marketing is conceptually very simple, and I will teach you how.

What makes it hard is the focus, perseverance, diligence, and consistency required to make it work.

Who Knows How To Do This?

In a way, that is a misleading question, because “this” is undefined. Different people will substitute different thoughts in place of the word “this”.

The core activity of Content Marketing is…….

Publishing a lot of quality content, in fairly small easily digestible chunks, at frequent intervals, and to keep doing so pretty much forever.

So now let me rephrase the question. Who knows how to do “that”?

Journalists know the basic disciplines of Inbound Marketing.

Not necessarily reporters per se, but the people who run the newsrooms. They know how to collect stories from various sources, format them for publishing, get them scheduled, and get them published.

If you’re a small business or an unfunded early stage startup, you need to find a way for an existing team member to do this.

If you’re an enterprise company with a substantial enough marketing budget, you need to find someone who used to run a newsroom (which could be newspaper, magazine, TV, or Radio) and “re-tool” them into running your Content Marketing efforts. I’ll help re-tool them.

Because to them, what you are trying to do will look very familiar.

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