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7 Ways to Never Run out of Ideas for Fresh Business Blog Post Ideas

This is the second article in a 2 part series.

Part 1 described the required mindset or attitude to take. This article describes the specific ways you never run out of ideas for fresh content.

Part 1: Tips for Finding Content Ideas for Your Inbound Marketing Website

For purposes of this article I’m continuing to pretend your target audience is dog lovers, but the business blogging ideas are independent of the specific topic.

Movement & Exercise

It doesn’t have to be strenuous, but is has to involve movement. Walking, jogging, and even stretching. It fires parts of our brain that don’t fire when we’re sitting still.

When you’re thinking of something, then you talk a walk or perform some other physical activity, ideas bubble up.

Always Be Ready to Capture Ideas

I used to always keep a small pocket notebook with me and when ideas popped up, I would jot them down. Sometimes it would be first thing in the morning, sometimes it would be last thing at night. But I was never without my pocket notebook.

Now I use a voice recorder app on my smart phone, but the idea is the same. I go so far as to keep my smart phone within reach of the shower as I tend to have good ideas in the shower.

Interview Industry Micro-Experts

Going back to the dog theme from part 1, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) is probably not available. But in your community there are dog breeders and dog trainers who have strong reputations. Interview these micro celebrities and share their insights.

Better yet, conduct s Q&A with them and create a series of blog posts, one post per question.

This has an added side benefit. When you write about someone on your website, then send them a link to what you’ve writing, they’ll share it with their community as it’s about them.

Best Case / Worst Case

Let’s say you’re writing a post about helping a new puppy learn to be comfortable in your home and not miss their mothers so much.

There are ways of doing this right, and there are ways of doing this wrong. That makes for two blog posts you link to each other.

Reviews by You

You can review almost anything. Dog food, chew toys, things for flinging balls, and in some cases the weirder the better. Everyone has now seen those long thin plastic things for flinging balls far, but if you find someone with a “tennis ball canon” (similar to a T shirt canon) ask them if you can review it.

Your Successes and Failures

In your experience (in this example with dogs) you’ve done things that worked and you’ve done things that didn’t. The successes are of value in their own right, and the failures are of value when you learned something you can share.

Popular Culture References

We all know that Lassie was more than one dog, but there are details and tidbits about dogs in movies most of don’t know and dog lovers will find interesting.

Celebrity dog issues are also good popular culture references.

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