Non Technical People Can Learn Inbound Marketing.....

  • Can you use email?
  • Can you create and edit documents?
  • Then you can learn to do Inbound Marketing


You Will Learn To...

  • Attract Your Audience to Your Website
  • Attract quality backlinks
  • Convert some of your visitors into prospects
  • Monitor and measure your success
  • Know when to make adjustments and what adjustments to make

You Will Have Access To...

  • The full set of webinar style lessons showing detailed how to screen shots with audio instructions
  • The online forum moderated by an expert
  • A weekly live Q&A
  • Access to important tools

Lists of important plugins and settings
Best practices checklists
Analytics prep guide
And more


The lessons are short and focused. No one wants to sit through a 20 minute video for the 90 seconds they need at that time.

For example, one lesson is on properly formatting a post, which includes how to build your title. However building good titles is so important it is also covered in it's own lesson that focuses exclusively on this one critical aspect.s

We also don't just tell you what to do, with screen shots and audio tracks we show and explain how to do it.

You Will...

  • Bring up and properly configure your Inbound Marketing website, which may or may not be your main website.
  • Be committed to your own success.
  • Devote 1 to 2 hours per day to this activity.
  • Watch the lessons, then apply the knowledge.
  • Participate in the community (mostly via the students forum) and help your fellow students, just as they will be helping you.
  • You will be shown how to do everything your are expected to do, which includes:

Publish fresh content to your website every day using the scheduler so you don't have to work every day.

Monitor your progress via Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools.

Provide access to your IM website (editor level is needed, not administrator) as well as your Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics so the expert moderator can be of greater assistance to you.