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Want FREE FOREVER* use of a prospecting tool you help guide the development of?

We've developed a link building prospecting tool you may be interested in. We call it Prospect Engine.

It's ready for early adopter beta test users, and we're offering something of value to people who are interested.

We are offering access to this tool FREE FOREVER* to people who agree to use it, provide feedback, and help us iterate the tool into one a link building prospector would feel it difficult to live without.

Our expectations of beta testers are as follows:

You will join our private Facebook group where we talk about using the tool.
You will use Prospect Engine and provide feedback.
After we do a round of development to improve the tool, you will use it again and again you will provide feedback.
You will do this for as many rounds of development as is needed to make this tool into one you would feel hard pressed to live without.

FREE FOREVER* when you help us make this a better tool

If you're interested in having free forever access to a prospecting tool you helped guide the development of, please apply using the button below.

* FREE FOREVER means from monthly subscription charges FOREVER.

However there MAY be charges for outside data services such as services that retrieve email addresses, etc, that are not currently part of the tool. Because we are planning to price the monthly subscriptions low, we will not be able to include these data access charges into the monthly subscription price. However, we will be reselling any such outside data retrieval services at or very slightly above our cost. Our intention is to make money on monthly subscriptions, but access to outside data services will very likely be necessary to make the tool more useful to you, and will very likely cost something.

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