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Easily send personal pitches

Can you automate manual link building outreach? You absolutely can.

While manual does not mean mass email form letters that people ignore, the more tedious work of finding target sites, finding the right person to pitch to, finding their email address, and sending them your pitch can ALL be made easier and faster with a good prospeting tool.

Prospect Engine is the link building prospecting tool you've been waiting for.


Potentially free FOREVER

When YOU help us make this a better tool

We have built an excellent tool to help link builders do more in less time.

But.... it's not yet a great tool that people feel it hard to live without.

To develop it into a great tool, we need help.

We need people like you to use it, tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what improvements you need to make it more useful and essential.

We will then develop the features and capabilities you tell us you need.

We're willing to go through as many development rounds as it takes to build the product you would find it hard to live without.

To that end, we are accepting a small number of early adopter users, to whom the tool will be free of monthly subscription charges FOREVER*.

In exchange, you will use the tool, provide us with feedback, and after we implement the needed features and capabilities, you will use it and again provide us with feedback.

WE get real world feedback with which to make the tool better.

YOU get access to the tool free of monthly subscription charges FOREVER*.

If you're interested, please apply to be one of our early adopter users using the button below.

We will exchange a few rounds of emails, and if it seems we are a good match for each other, you're in.

* Free from monthly subscription charges FOREVER means exactly that.

However there MAY be charges for outside data services such as services that retrieve email addresses, etc, that are not currently part of the tool. Because we are planning to price the monthly subscriptions low, we will not be able to include these data access charges into the monthly subscription price. However, we will be reselling any such outside data retrieval services at or very slightly above our cost. Our intention is to make money on monthly subscriptions, but access to outside data services will very likely be necessary to make the tool useful to you, and will very likely cost something.

Interested in ZERO monthly subscription charges FOREVER?

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