Personalized Content Marketing

Personalized content marketing simply means that content you bring to the attention of a website visitors differs depending upon where they are in their buying decision process.

The picture below shows a sales funnel, with the various (and admittedly generic) stages or phases people go through in the course of buying.


Phase Specific Content

To make use of this strategy, you first create content on your website that is specific to that phase of the buying process.

For people who are initially introduced to your product or service you provide overview information.

For people who have been introduced already you provide more detailed information with a focus on how your product or service benefits them.

Engagement is perhaps some form of forum where they can submit questions, which you guys need to monitor and respond to.

How do You Present the Content to Them?

Two ways:

  1. While on one webpage suggest they may be interested in seeing another (and of course say why).
  2. Send them an email containing a link that suggests they may be interested in what’s on the page.

This is Done via Inbound Marketing plus Marketing Automation

Inbound marketing principals are used to attract your audience to your website and nudge as many as reasonably possible into your sales funnel. Marketing automation is the staying in touch with people who have expressed an interest, but who may or may not have ever bought.

Personalized content marketing requires both.

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