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Mautic Marketing Automation Update for Inbound Marketing University

It’s been a while since I posted anything about implementing Mautic marketing automation. That is because there as a delay in getting the content for my sales funnel ready.

What I describe below is what I’ve done and the purpose of my sharing it is to provide a template for people who just now embarking on setting up marketing automation.

I’ve talked to people who joined my online school and community and defined a sales funnel (also known as a buyers journey) for people who join.

I’ve created six pieces of content, one of which took an enormous amount of time.

Sales Funnel Step 1: Inbound Marketing FAQ

This is nothing more or less than a true list of frequently asked questions about Inbound and Content Marketing.

Sales Funnel Step 2: Why Small Business SEO Packages Fail

Many small businesses have had bad experiences with small business SEO agencies and consultants who delivered too little and charged too much.

This piece of content is a short video that explains how the economics of small business SEO have changed and why small business SEO packages have become almost universally ineffective.

Sales Funnel Step 3: Small Business Success with DIY SEO

This is a short video that shows other small businesses who have had success with doing their own small business SEO.

Sales Funnel Step 4: How YOU Do It

It’s find that other small businesses have had success with DIY SEO, but what matters is how YOU do it too.

This is a short video which explains that.

Sales Funnel Step 5: The Value of Community and Coaching

This is the piece of content that took so much time to complete. It consists of one short video where I explain the value of community and coaching, and is followed by several short testimonial videos from current members explaining the value they get from the community and the weekly coaching sessions.

This content took a long time to put together as it was necessary to schedule time with the various members to obtain their testimonial videos.

Sales Funnel Step ?: What You Get When Joining Us

I’m not sure yet where in the sequence this content will go, but it’s a chart that shows what a member gets for their money when they join Inbound Marketing University.

Next Steps…

Are to create the marketing automation flows (or campaigns as they call them in Mautic) which walk prospects from step to step and track what steps they do and don’t take.

Of Course, Leads as a Prerequisite

Marketing automation makes sense when you have leads coming in, and that is where Inbound Marketing comes in. It helps you generate leads, while marketing automation helps you nurture and close them.

Learn More…

SEO Needs Link Building


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  • Tony Gavin

    Reply Reply March 18, 2016

    Mautic is a great system. It’s a pity that more people are not already using it.

    • Kevin Carney

      Reply Reply March 20, 2016


      I agree. The only issues I have with Mautic are: 1) their document is sparse (and that is why I’m creating these videos), and 2) sometimes I run into an issue for which I need support and support is sometimes slow to come.

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