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Marketing through a Blog or a Newsletter? What Grows Your Audience and Converts?

Blog or Newsletter? Seriously?

Every time I see a post like the one I link to below, I’m curious if the author is really serious.

The question being posted is should you blog OR should you send out a newsletter?

It doesn’t look like it’s intended to be satire, but at the same time it presents a false choice as if it was valid.

Studies show…..

I’m guessing your landing pages are on your website. As such having people come to your website is a good thing. Why will they come? To learn stuff, to find stuff, and to do stuff.

Studies show 51% of website visitors arrive via organic search. 40% of revenue comes from these organic search visitors.

What are they coming to visit? The good stuff! Generating and publishing the good stuff is blogging.

You need to blog.

Other studies show…

The most effective form of lead nurturing (where effective means people buy) is email.

If you Google for Marketing Automation, you’ll find a lot of marketing automation companies who specialize in email. They all do some form of social media, but their core is keeping in touch via email.

You need a newsletter.

In Closing

You need to blog to attract your audience to your website via organic search. You also need to do it right (by the way, I can teach you). Conversion is the step by step process of people becoming customers. People often do not buy right away. They need to learn more, think about it, take their time. You need to stay in touch with those people.

As a result what we do on our websites is ask people to subscribe to our newsletters, then we stay in touch via those newsletters.

Those darn studies….

Clearly show that what works best is attracting leads via organic search, then nurturing those leads via email.

Learn more…

SEO Needs Link Building



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  • Danny Brown

    Reply Reply November 15, 2014

    Hi Kevin,

    First, thanks for referencing the guest blog post by Randy Milanovic, appreciated.

    Just want to clarify, so you’re not confusing your readers – the post is actually titled “Is It Time to Trade Your Blog for a Newsletter?”, and looks at the pros and cons of switching to a newsletter-type delivery system versus immediate email notifications of new blog posts.


    • Kevin Carney

      Reply Reply November 15, 2014


      Thank you for your clarification. I did not get that nuance from reading the post initial, or re-reading it right now.

      I want to clarify to make sure I have it right now. Are you saying the focus of the post was not should someone blog or send out a newsletter, but rather on how they should distribute their blog posts? One at a time to a list of subscribers, or via a newsletter?


      • Danny Brown

        Reply Reply November 17, 2014

        Hi Kevin.

        Looking at the post again, I guess it’s fair to say it could be seen as more a point of view on trading your blog in for a newsletter (and should you). That was possibly Randy’s take on my decision.

        In the comments, both myself and Shelley Pringle made clear it wasn’t an either/or decision for us. Our newsletters are very much complementary to the blog post itself, allowing us a much deeper interaction with subscribers.

        However, the blog is – and will remain – central to all I do. I simply prefer the newsletter distribution method versus instant email updates.

        Cheers again for the continued discussion, appreciated!

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