Is Marketing Automation a Meaningless Phrase?

Only when the idea is taken too far. Let me explain.

When we automate the assembly line where cars are built, we never fully automate, we just need fewer people because we have sophisticated tools that allow people to work more efficiently and do more work in a given time frame.

The same is true when we automate anything.

The phrase “marketing automation” generally refers to processes. Generally processes of sending email messages to prospects based on defined criteria:

  • If they access website X, send email Y
  • If it’s been three days since email Y and they didn’t buy, send email Z
  • Etc

You get the point.

Marketing automation does not write email Y or email Z. It also does not decide what the criteria are for sending them.

People do those things and these tools make that job both easier and easier to scale.

In theory, a sophisticated content management system that allows 150 different people to collaborate on the generating, writing, editing, and scheduling of content for publication would also classify as marketing automation (and such a system would be wonderful) as it would allow such an operation to track an enormous amount of detail as to what is in process at what stage and where the gaps in the publishing schedule are, etc, etc.

But for some reason, we don’t use the phrase marketing automation to describe that.

When Marketing Automation does Become a Meaningless Phrase

This occurs when people forget the tools are “just” tools. A shovel never digs a hole, and a marketing automation system never sends an email.

When we forget that people set up, maintain, then CONSTANTLY MONITOR AND ADJUST the system, we have (by our actions) turned the phrase marketing automation into a meaningless phrase.

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