Marketing Automation

Is (amongst other things) the process of staying in touch with people who have expressed an interested in your product or service, but have not yet bought.

It’s called marketing automation as you set it up, then let it run.

However, some people leave it alone for too long, trusting in the automation part, and forgetting that people set up the automation part.

The Human Touch is Needed

Ultimately we all do business with people, even if in the course of making a purchase you don’t directly interact with one. Some person wrote the ad copy, some person designed the packaging, some person handles customer service inquiries in some form.

When we setup a marketing automation system, then do not regularly attend to it, we can lose “the human touch”.

Regularly Attending to Your Marketing Automation

What does this mean?

At the very least it means checking your analytics frequently to see what works best, and what is not working. Which email messages get the best response? Which web pages convert best?

There is a new buzzphrase in the industry, and this is one I like. The new phrase is “Agile Marketing”.

Once upon a time we called this “Listen, learn, adjust”. Today, in regards to marketing we call this Agile Marketing.

It’s not enough to know what email subject lines trigger the most reads, and what email’s trigger the most click through, and what landing pages convert best.

It behooves you to spend time looking for patterns and trends so you can make adjustments.

This requires significant testing (we call this A/B testing) accompanied by ongoing (never ending) trail and error.

Although this is work, once you have sufficient numbers of people coming to your website, it’s work you need to devote yourself to.

If you have a 5 step conversion process (awareness, interest, information collection, free trial, then purchase) and you can increase the conversion rate of each step by 10%, the total impact to your business is huge.

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