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Inbound Marketing with CRM Changes how Leads are Generated and Nurtured

Inbound Marketing plus Marketing Automation

In a similar way that the Internet has disrupted various industries, the way businesses generate leads and sales is also being disrupted. What works is changing and costs are coming down.

As we all receive too many interruptions during our busy lives, what we’ve come to know as “traditional marketing” is less and less effective. About two months ago a seasoned sales executive told me cold calling is no longer working and he needs a better way of generating leads.

The issue is we are all interrupted too much during the course of our days. So much so that we are learning to tune out traditional marketing messages. Why wouldn’t we? Now when we need information about something we simply go online and perform a search.

This disruption in way we market and sell is two fold: Inbound Marketing plus CRM (Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing).

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the process is publishing content to your website (and some other places) so as to first get the attention of the search engines, which in turn brings your desired audience to your website via organic search. By “desired” what I mean is people show up with pages on your website most closely match their search query.


Customer Relationship Management is broader than just Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing, but includes it. Lead Nurturing is staying in touch with people who have expressed an interested in your products or services, but maybe have not yet bought.

The most common form of lead nurturing is email messages, often setup on what is called an auto-responder. This means that when someone signs up for your email list via your website, there are several pre-written email messages that go out at pre-scheduled intervals. More sophisticated solutions can track if action was taken as a result of an email, and if it is changing which email goes out next.


Those infamous studies show that what most successful generates the most leads and sales is a combination of Inbound Marketing combined with lead nurturing via Email Marketing.

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