Marketing Automation without Good Content is Like….

I’m sure you have your favorite metaphor here…..

  • A car with only 3 wheels
  • A grape press without grapes
  • A farm without farm hands

The core principals of marketing are as relevant for marketing automation messages (emails, social media updates, etc) as they are for blog posts (except with blog post timing what matters most is consistency, not time of day).

  • Who are you talking to?
  • What are you saying to them?
  • When are you saying it?

Saying Something vs Saying Something Meaningful

There are a lot of blog posts that like a very skilled politician, use a lot of words to say almost nothing. The same is true of email and social media updates.

With blog posts it’s not so important, because when you don’t push your posts into people’s attention spans. They find them via organic search and by definition if your page matches their query, it’s probably highly relevant.

Email’s and social media updates are different, precisely because you ARE sending out a message that does interrupt them.

Social Media Updates

First off, since only 5% of website visitors show up from social media networking sites, go easy on social media. One special irony of social media sites is the more connected people are the less likely they are to see your message.


Those infamous studies show that email marketing works. It pulls in buyers.

Why? I think it’s because people have subscribed to your email feed and although it is an interruption, it’s not entirely unwelcome.

Never the less, if you develop the habit of sending drivel, people will stop reading what you send.

So, when it comes to marketing automation, good content (having something to say) is critical.

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