You've been told wrong about SEO

Most everyone has.

While the technical aspects of SEO matter, they are NOT the main focus.

Algorithm updates are not “punishments”, and

NOT understanding how Google makes money causes you to get SEO wrong.

A lot of “experts” are telling you wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. Content, SEO, and Link Building deliver fantastic results, but…. there’s no magic and the big secret is…. to get results, you do the work.

So what is “the work”?

We'll get there soon, but first let’s talk about what makes Google Google, and how they were so different when they first appeared. To understand SEO, you MUST understand how Google makes money. It explains why they do what they do.

What makes Google Google?

What made Google Google, was the insight that the best source of what’s good on the web is everyone who links to stuff on the web.

We link to each other. Each link is a vote of confidence. Each link has a value. Links with values gives value to pages. High-value pages raise the rankings of the sites they’re on. High-value sites attract search traffic and generate leads.

Google assigns values to pages and to links. The value of a page is determined by the value of the links pointing to them, and the value of a link is determined by the value of the page it links from.

It looks a bit like this…..

Image representing the PageRank algorithm

Simply put, they built a database of links between pages on the World Wide Web, then discovered this database of links generated really really really good search results. Much better than anything available at the time.




How does Google make money? Why does this matter?

Google is in the same business as the commercial radio station you listen to during your commute. The same business as commercial television. They attract an audience with content, then sell access to that audience to advertisers who want to sell us stuff.

The difference is where they get their content. TV and radio stations produce content and/or buy it from others who produce it. Google “merely” presents content from the web through Internet search.

The business models of commercial TV, commercial radio, and Google search is the same.

They sell ads.

This explains why they do what they do. Specifically, algorithm updates that “punish” websites. Their business success depends on us using their search engine. To do this, they want their search results to be good. This is why they keep tweaking their search algorithm, which they do more than once a day.

Why do they do this? To keep us searchers happy. The happier we are, the more we continue to use Google, the more money they make.

What does this mean for SEO?

Unless you want temporary results that get shut down with a future algorithm update, you do SEO the way Google tells us to.

You produce and publish quality content your target audience finds useful, entertaining, and/or insightful, then promote that content to websites and blogs with a similar topic or interest for purposes of earning links.

Who am I to presume to know this?

My name is Kevin Carney and I learned how to do SEO in 2010, back when you could easily game the system, publish crap content, get cheap backlinks through discussion forums and newspaper website comments, and rank. I’ve generated more high quality leads through SEO than I can count. I’ve taught others to do the same. As Google forced us to create better content, my tactics changed. They had to.

Believe me. SEO is NOT dead, but you gotta do it right!

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