Quality links are expensive, even when they're free

Someone has to do the outreach work to earn "free" backlinks. They get paid.

Studies show the cost of earning a "free" backlink varies from $250 to $1,500, depending upon a number of factors, but most importantly, how much effort goes into earning it.

Free links are not cheap.

Bad links are even more expensive

But super cheap links, such as you can obtain via Upwork, Fiverr, etc, can be worse than useless, as they tend to be from known spam link sites.

These bad links will REDUCE your sites ranking, costing you lost traffic and sales.

Why link building is bad, and digital PR is good

Google says don't do link building, it's against their guidelines. They say link building is spammy and artificial.

They say digital PR is good.

Digital PR is brand building business promotion, website to website. Similar to "regular" PR, just online.

With the positive side effect of digital PR helps earn links.

Natural links vs unnatural links

Can Google tell "natural" vs "unnatural" links? Yes, they can.

Per Google, natural links appear in the body of the main content of a blog post or article and links to a blog post or article that is related in topic.

For example, an article about surfing might contain a link to an article about surfboard wax, whereas an article about fishing might contain a link to an article about fishing reels.

These are natural links, even when you obtain them via digital PR.

Why being found occurs more after you've been found 

One interesting dynamic of Google search is being found becomes easier after others have found you.

Another way to say this is after more sites link to your best content, your site becomes easier for people to find.

Why building quality links is getting harder

People who are the target of cold outreach (webmasters, digital marketing pros, journalists, etc) get A LOT of cold outreach. 

Most of which is off target, off topic for them, and therefore ignored. After all, they're busy people.

How we make it easier and cheaper

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