Image asking the question “Should you script your videos”?

Should you use a script for your videos? if yes, How to..

You WILL be doing video! Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next year (probably by next year), but you will be doing video, and sooner than you think. Why? The cost of creating video has never been cheaper. YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet. Young people like videos…

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marcus sheridan with excellent advise on video marketing the defies common knowledge

Marcus Sheridan on Video Marketing Success Factors: Content that Delivers

Marcus Sheridan on Video Marketing If you don’t know of Marcus Sheridan you should check him out. His website is The Sales Lion is where he blogs about what he’s learned about content marketing starting as the marketing guy for a company that sells and installs fiberglass pools. There are many people who talk about content marketing…

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Your marketing blog posts should contain visual content (images and videos)

11 Reasons Why Your Marketing Blog Posts Should Contain Visual Content

A picture is worth 1,000 words. We all know this to be true, not just because we’ve heard it over and over and over, but because we take in visual information quicker and more completely than written text. But did you know analytics backs this up? Below are 11 interesting statistics about the use of visuals…

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inbound marketing, video marketing, youtube marketing

Growing Organic Traffic and Leads with Video (YouTube) Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd Most Used Search Engine on the Planet Which is the main reason you can’t afford to ignore it. This post provides an overview (and the key word is overview) on how you use YouTube to enhance your Inbound Marketing with Video Marketing. Think of this article as the outline. Over time…

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product and service videos, story telling, inbound marketing

Video Can Tell a Story Concisely Which Helps You Tell a Story About Your Business

But Make Sure You Have Something to Say The video below is a prime example of how to effectively use video to make a point. The point made in the video is that in spite changes in technology, the fundamentals of marketing have not changed. The “old man in the chair” represents a print ad…

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