Image asking the question “Should you script your videos”?

Should you use a script for your videos? if yes, How to..

You WILL be doing video! Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next year (probably by next year), but you will be doing video, and sooner than you think. Why? The cost of creating video has never been cheaper. YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet. Young people like videos…

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Creating incredible videos for your businesses

How to make videos most effective in your small business

Videos captures people’s imagination and done well pull on their emotions. Customers have an appetite for video and many prefer it over other types of content. Young people especially are more interested in visual content than written content. Businesses use videos to their advantages by creating videos that are being viewed and shared on various social media.…

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How to grow your business with video marketing

How to invest and succeed in your video marketing strategy

For small and big businesses, video has been most frequently cited as the new digital frontier. There is no doubt that video is important to a comprehensive online marketing campaign. Videos are best used by businesses to relay information to their audience. Also, for businesses that deals with advanced products, videos are used to showcase how…

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Why are videos content so important?

How to effectively use video content in social media for your brand

Video marketing is on the rise and many businesses benefit from them. Businesses face the challenge of creating more effective videos that stands out in the crowded social media networks. How do you measure the effectiveness of a video? In social media, videos are measured on how they appeal to the viewers. Video are used…

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How can you use videos in your marketing automation?

How to use videos in your marketing automation campaigns

For small businesses, videos are entertaining, scalable, digestible, shareable, and helpful for lead generation. You then use marketing automation strategies follow up with those new leads to drive more qualified leads. Videos and marketing automation work together effectively and achieve great benefits for your small business. Marketing automation allows you to send the right content…

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How can you go about proper video content?

How to produce more effective video content for your business

Videos are an essential component of successful social media marketing strategies. Have you embraced social media videos for your brand? When it comes to video and social media strategy, there are challenges ranging from quality to consistency that small businesses face. So how do you go about creating quality video content? This articles will walk…

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How can small businesses grow on You Tube?

Tips on how to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel

What makes YouTube different from every other social media platform out there is: YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine on Earth Video is a content format we (especially young people) prefer Gaining new subscribers helps you build awareness and customers. This article we’ll teach you how to get more subscribers on your YouTube…

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What are the importance of adding videos in your marketing strategy?

How to use video marketing strategy in the right way for high ROI

When it comes to your content marketing strategy, the rise of video cannot be ignored. Small business marketers now claim that without video marketing, your business is likely to lose. This is because YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and your competitors are starting to create them. Don’t worry, it’s…

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What is a webinar? what are the step of holding one?

Important tips for running your 1st webinar and making success

We are in business to expose out brand. For small businesses, advertising their business has always been the main focus when it comes to exposing their brands. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through social media, business website or blog. However, for small business owners, who are more focused on public speaking in their marketing strategy,…

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How to track your performance on you tube

Important YouTube analytics- How to monitor your progress

YouTube is the second most used search engine on the web but many marketers under utilize it. When business marketers think about optimizing their content on Google, about YouTube, they miss a great opportunity for better results. If you’re not using YouTube to its full potential, you’re missing out. This is because most YouTube traffic IS organic traffic.…

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Why small businesses need to use videos in their website

Reasons why every small businesses need (more) video

As a marketer for a small business, you’ve got your hands in all sorts of marketing strategies. From product marketing to content creation, social media marketing to event marketing, to joint marketing with others businesses…. you know what I’m talking about. So why would you want to and add video marketing in your full hand?…

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How to get the most out of video in your business

How to unlock the potential of video for your small business

The reason more and more small businesses are including video into their overall marketing strategy is because video works. To get the most out of video marketing, you must tell a good story that answers common questions. An example always helps A pilates studio in Austin, TX (where we’re based) put video on their website…

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What are the importance of videos to small business online marketing?

Why you need to budget for video marketing in your business

Video marketing for small businesses continues to gain momentum and is revolutionizing the way small businesses connect and engage with their customers. The primary cause is economic. The cost of creating, editing, and publishing video is lower than it’s ever been. You probably enjoy the videos you see other businesses use, but perhaps it has…

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How to create interactive videos on your small business

How to make your video presentation more interactive

Video is the future content marketing. Why? Because we love watching video as a way to learn new things. Whether it’s a talking head video, a screencast video of how to use a software tool, or whiteboard animation, video is a way to fairly concisely answer a question or make a point. But what element of…

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How to measure the effectiveness of your videos

Metrics on how to measure the effectiveness of a YouTube video

Have you ever come across a video on YouTube that wasn’t very good but people keep watching it? YouTube views is doubtless the most well-known measurement in social media. But the real truth is YouTube views aren’t the most important metric. Someone has to watch a video on YouTube for more than 30 seconds to…

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How small businesses use video marketing to promote their brand

The need of a well-organized presentation with a clear objective

Businesses (large and small) need to tell a story to engage their audience. They need to be informative and persuasive depending on their desired goals and objectives. If you give online presentations, this post will be useful to you. In fact it’s useful whether you give prerecorded webinar presentations, live webinar presentations, or presentations at live…

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Video marketing idea for small businesses

How to make sure that your video does what you need it to do

There is a big difference between video marketing and video advertisement. Video marketing is the use of online videos as an information tool on your business website Not long ago, video marketing for small business wasn’t really an option. It was too expensive. But today, YouTube and videos are a great opportunity for small businesses. Mostly…

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The importance of videos to small businesses

How to make the most from videos in content marketing strategy

Business uses of video and fun/entertainment uses of video are quite different. People watch videos for fun to amuse them as they go through their day. But from a business perspective video is used in very different ways. People use video do research about products and services. When customers do a search, a number of blog post appear, and…

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How well does online Video marketing for small businesses convert?

How to increase your conversion rate using product video

Visitors who watch your video stay on your business website twice as long those who read blog posts. You’ ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth more. Considering that video now appears in many search engines, and YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet, and…

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Tips for optimizing your videos

How to increase engagement with your video marketing

There are many ways of increasing engagement with your video marketing strategy but this post specifically focus on how to optimize your video for Search Engine Optimization. There is no doubt that video marketing for small businesses is an important new content marketing channel. Small businesses who are jumping on the trend of incorporating video into their marketing…

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Email marketing tips for small businesses

How to use video in your email marketing strategy.

As a small business, you always look for ways to better promote your business, and let your market know that you exist, and what you can do for them. You want your product or service to succeed in getting known and helping your potential customers solve their problems. By using video in conjunction with your email…

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How t choose live video platform and using live streaming for small businesses

Live video streaming to support your marketing efforts

Live video streaming is changing the way small businesses produce their content. Sharing your content, live events and updates on your small business using live videos helps make your audience feel more connected to your small business. Videos (Live and recorded) are being used in many platforms. Platforms like Facebook and other social media networks  highly use…

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The perfect way to attract and nurture your leads

The best way to attract and nurture your leads using video

Need more online visibility? More qualified traffic? More leads? One of the most powerful and effective ways to grow visibility, attract quality traffic, and generate leads is through video. Small businesses that include the use of YouTube to market themselves (and do it properly) have success with all of the above. Your small business should learn how to…

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The advantages of live video streaming to small businesses

The most effective ways to reach your potential customers

Social media has proven itself to be effective at helping build a community around your business, and maybe now is the time to layer on the use of live streaming video. The costs of live streaming video have plummeted in recent years where a smart phone and an app or two is all you need…

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online video marketing strategies for small businesses

Entertaining videos for small businesses that is likely to be shared

Small business marketing provides small business owners with an opportunity to make presentable 1st impression to its ideal customers. Small business marketing allows you to identify your audience and draw interest to your business effectively. Video marketing is great for getting audience attention, unlike other forms of marketing techniques that require them to read instead of…

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Importance of video marketing strategy in boosting your business

What are the importance of live streaming videos to small business?

Video marketing is an effective small business marketing strategy. This is because the costs of making and hosting videos have plummeted. People now shoot quality videos on smart phones, host them on YouTube, and link them into blog posts. Now consider this new concept of video marketing…..  live streaming videos to your audience. Discussed below are…

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How to make your video Interactive for your audience. Small business marketing

2 way on how to improve on the quality of your video marketing in 2016

By now heard about the benefits of video marketing for your small business. You also need to hear that video is changing and your consumers need different types of experiences from your video strategy this coming year (2016.) Discussed below are some of the new techniques you need to consider in your video marketing campaign in 2016. Make your…

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Steps of creating your video content for your small business website

Key steps to consider when creating video for your business website

On this post, I have tried to highlight key steps you should consider when creating video content for your business website. Identify your audience Before coming to rest on an idea for your business video, take your time to know as much as you can about your audience. Focus on knowing what your audience wants to know,…

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The two major ways of using video as your marketing tool

Appropriate ways of using your video Marketing for your small business

Are you planning to use video with your small business marketing? Good choice. When you start thinking about video marketing for your small business, you may image the need of a big budget depending of the features and service you want with video marketing. This may include thinking of how to get a High definition camera…

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Creating videos for your small business is creating relationship with your target audience and spreading information about your product or service

Tips on creating video for your small business to spread information

The use of videos in small business marketing has become a more and more popular strategy.  It is believed that immediately after viewing a company’s video consumers are far more likely to visit the company website. Additionally, some people prefer to learn things (in general) through video rather than through reading. Creating videos for your…

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sing video to distribute your content is one of the best strategy that you need to adopt for your small business in the process of achieving its set goals and objectives

Expressing the image of your business within a short time using video

It is estimated that 75 percent of people worldwide watch videos on the Internet frequently. If you understand that there are more than 1 billion active Internet users today, you can see the true capability of video marketing. The amount of time people spend on watching videos is almost the amount of time people spend…

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Tips to keep in mind when creating video content for your business

With Video marketing, you have the chance to interact with your customers by letting them to know you and your small business. This is very important for your small businesses as it will help with converting visitors into leads. People like to do business with people they know, and videos of you on your YouTube channel…

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If your business is trying to get into a new market, create videos in a creative manner and provide all the details of your product.

Making your product/service popular. Growing through video marketing

When starting a small business, it is your responsibility as the owner to market it sufficiently to ensure that it generates enough leads to grow and prosper. You need to put in a lot of effort to make sure that people see your product or service. Video marketing is one of the best strategy for…

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5 things to observe when setting up for your video marketing strategy

Adding value to your audience with a well-planned video marketing

With video marketing, to find success for your business, you need to set a video marketing strategy to guide your video marketing activities. Below is a list of what to observe when setting up a video marketing strategy for your business. Determine what your video content should achieve It’s important that you and your team  understands why…

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When using Video as your marketing took, remember to add a call to action button as well as providing tutorials to your line of work.

A strategy for your video-marketing activities to maximize your reach.

Videos give customers a quick overview of a product or service in a format many young people perfer. In less than thirty seconds, a customer can get the information they need about a business through a short, visually-appealing video. But it is important to carefully create a strategy for your video-marketing activities to maximize your reach.…

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marcus sheridan with excellent advise on video marketing the defies common knowledge

Marcus Sheridan on Video Marketing Success Factors: Content that Delivers

Marcus Sheridan on Video Marketing If you don’t know of Marcus Sheridan you should check him out. His website is The Sales Lion is where he blogs about what he’s learned about content marketing starting as the marketing guy for a company that sells and installs fiberglass pools. There are many people who talk about content marketing…

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Your marketing blog posts should contain visual content (images and videos)

11 Reasons Why Your Marketing Blog Posts Should Contain Visual Content

A picture is worth 1,000 words. We all know this to be true, not just because we’ve heard it over and over and over, but because we take in visual information quicker and more completely than written text. But did you know analytics backs this up? Below are 11 interesting statistics about the use of visuals…

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inbound marketing, video marketing, youtube marketing

Growing Organic Traffic and Leads with Video (YouTube) Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd Most Used Search Engine on the Planet Which is the main reason you can’t afford to ignore it. This post provides an overview (and the key word is overview) on how you use YouTube to enhance your Inbound Marketing with Video Marketing. Think of this article as the outline. Over time…

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product and service videos, story telling, inbound marketing

Video Can Tell a Story Concisely Which Helps You Tell a Story About Your Business

But Make Sure You Have Something to Say The video below is a prime example of how to effectively use video to make a point. The point made in the video is that in spite changes in technology, the fundamentals of marketing have not changed. The “old man in the chair” represents a print ad…

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