The full spectrum of social media platforms on which you can market your products and services.

How to automate social media participatation

Can you really automate social media participation? Not fully. At least not yet. One day Artificial Intelligence will progress to the point where a software bot can read a social media post and draft an excellent and maybe thought provoking reply, but we’re not there yet. You can automate only part of your overall social media participation.…

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Increase audience engagement with the but/therefore rules learned from South Park

Need Engagement? Use the Simple But/Therefore Rule from South Park!

This idea is so simple it’s one of those things that once you know it you wonder why you didn’t already know it. In a video that crossed my path on social media, I saw a short video where the two creators and head writers of South Park are teaching their “but/therefore” rule to a…

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How does creating educational and informative content upgrade your social media marketing efforts?

How Quality Educational Content Enhances Your Social Media Marketing

First I wish to point out (or maybe fess up) that the title of this post is intentionally redundant. Per Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines, educational content is by definition of high quality as it satisfied one of our basic search intentions, which is to learn something. This article is really about people who focus on…

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Advanced Social Messenger is a software tool that makes it easy to grow your social media connections and generate leads through social media

Using Advanced Social Messenger to Generate Quality Leads

Advanced Social Messenger is a software tool that automates some of the tasks of interacting with others on Social Media. It takes advantage of many features inherent in many social media platforms to allow you to make contact with others. Sometimes in ways that are a little intrusive, and sometimes in ways that are very unobtrusive.…

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You need to publish the bulk of your content to YOUR website because that is where you control the rules.

Why Does Your Content Marketing Need to Occur Mostly on Your Website?

LinkedIn recently and quietly turn off the ability to export contacts. Google recently announced Goolge+ profiles will no longer be the “universal ID” used by all Google apps. Back in April Facebook changed what appears in news feeds, emphasizing posts from news organizations and close friends, and de-emphasizing updates on business pages. As a business owner…

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Some we fail to attend to our social media privacy settings we can share personal details we did not intend to.

When Social Media Sharing Benefits Marketers and Crooks Alike

Striking the right balance between convenience, privacy, and security. Social media has caught on in large part because of how convenient it is to stay in touch with friends and family. However, privacy settings for many social media sites is complex and when we don’t pay attention to how they’re configured we sometimes share personal…

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social media mistakes such as talking about yourself, being too promotional, not listening, etc will hurt your reputation.

Are You Making These Social Media and Blogging Mistakes?

The Biggest Mistake is Talking About Yourself I don’t mean to be rude or insensitive, but your prospects and customers care more about their issues than they do about you and your issues. So when you talk excessively about yourself or your business, you may find the people tune you out. Are You Listening? Do…

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business blog, online marketing, your website under your domain

Why Blogging on Your Website Under Your Domain is Online Marketing Insurance

Facebook Made a Recent Change that Hurt Business Page Views On April 21st, 2015, Facebook announced changes to their algorithm that determines what is presented in your news feed. In summary, Facebook is emphasizing news and updates from close friends more. To make these extra Facebook updates fit into the news stream, updates on Facebook pages (including…

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google plus, google+, SERPs, search results

The Useful Way Google+ Boosts Your Search Ranking and Results

But Isn’t Google+ a Ghost Town? It’s not really true that Google+ is a ghost town. It may turn out to be more like the new sub-division no one has moved into yet. The reason is when you integrate your social media platform into search the way Google has with Google+, people are going to figure it…

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google plus, social media marketing

How does Google Plus Help You Grow Your Search Ranking?

Google+ is Integrated with All of Google Including search and that is the most important point. I know GooglePlus is ghost town of a social media site. I know GooglePlus has far fewer users than Facebook and LinkedIn and everything else. I also know GooglePlus updates often rank higher in search than the webpages they…

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google plus, social media marketing

Why is Google Plus Different from All Other Social Media Marketing Platforms?

Google+ Integrates with the Rest of Google, Including Search And that last bit, the “including search” part, is what makes it different. In spite of rumors to the opposite, Google Plus is not dead. When one of your Google Plus updates matches a search result submitted by someone who has you in a circle, your…

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introduction to Inbound Marketing

Video: Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Below is the transcript of the above video for those of you who prefer to read (and for the search engine robots who read better than they listen). === Start transcript Hello. This is Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University with this introduction to Inbound Marketing. If at any point you want to pause the…

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social media marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, organic search

Does Social Media Marketing Replace Your Inbound Marketing Blog?

No. Social Media Marketing Does Not Replace Your Blog Although I see a lot of social media updates that direct people to websites that are clearly NOT represented by the person sending out the update. Doing so is a wasteful strategy. Your social media updates should never replace your blog, and should almost always bring people…

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social advertising, social media marketing, inbound marketing

Is Social Advertising (not Social Media Marketing) More Justification for Your Inbound Strategy?

Social Advertising is NOT Social Media Marketing Social advertising is paid ads, whereas social media marketing is not paid ads. Social advertising is the movement of big advertising money onto social media networks. This change is of course being encouraged by the various social media networking sites because it’s a significant source of revenue. Take…

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measuring social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Measurements Shifting to Conversion Activities

Measuring Social Media Marketing A recent article published on the Business 2 Community website titled “What Is The Value Of Social Media Engagement?” identifies 14 criteria that were taken into consideration when measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts. What is most interesting is not the specific breakdown of the survey, but how…

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content marketing, small business marketing, email marketing

Small Business Marketing Success with Content (Inbound) and Email (Outbound)

Successful Small Business Online Marketing Successful small business online marketing is built on very few pillars, and they are: Content, Social Media, and Email. The “secret sauce” you use when cooking up your winning recipe is consistency and perseverance. Businesses Need Consumer Attention But consumer attention is harder and harder to get. People lead busy…

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social media marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, organic search

How Does Social Media Marketing Support Your Content and Inbound Efforts?

Your Online Marketing Has a Hub And everything else you do supports that hub. You don’t get to choose the hub (actually I guess you do, but if you choose wrong you’ll regret it) and your preference as to what the hub should be is irrelevant. The hub of your online marketing, including your social…

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inbound marketing, seo, content marketing, online presence, lead generation

What does it take to do Inbound Marketing on the cheap?

Below is the transcript of the above video for those of you who prefer to read (and for the search engine robots who read better than they listen). === Start transcript Hi I’m Kevin Carney, the principal instructor with Inbound Marketing University, bringing you today’s Inbound Marketing Minute. Today’s question is “What does it take to…

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small business seo success, business blogging, inbound marketing

Why Content plus Community is the Secret of Small Business SEO Success

First, Understand Content Marketing is Not SEO While Content Marketing and SEO are different things, it’s not an either or situation. You need both. Content is articles, stories, videos, infographics, etc that appeal to people. SEO is the means if making it easy for the search engines to find it, index it, and rank it.…

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professional seo services, social media strategy, inbound marketing, lead generation

What do Professional SEO Services and Social Media Strategies Have in Common?

Neither One is Top Priority for a Small Business Why Not Professional SEO Services? The economics of professional SEO services are such that packages that cost between $400 and $800 are not enough to get results. Before I moved to SEO training for small businesses I did SEO consulting for larger businesses. If a client…

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seo, inbound marketing, organic search traffic, referral traffic

What is SEO? A Primer on Generating Leads Through Online Marketing

The Technical Definition From Webopedia…. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines Now a Little About What…

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small business SEO, inbound marketing, local SEO marketing

Why is Small Business SEO and Inbound Marketing Different?

In a Word, What Makes Small Business SEO Different is….. Money (or perhaps lack thereof) Small businesses don’t even have budgets for content development, let alone link building and social media community management. Small businesses have to find a way to compensate for this lack of resources. Even the HubSpot toolset at $800 a month…

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blog post elements, user engagement, inbound marketing, seo, lead generation

Why Do Blog Posts Not Attract Links, Comments, and Social Shares?

Part 1 discusses certain aspects of writing engaging blog posts. Your headline Your first sentence Making your point Creating a logical and visual structure Part 1: Why Are Most Blog Posts Not Engaging and Don’t Attract Comments and Social Shares? This post continues that discussion on making your blog posts more engaging. A Conclusion Do not…

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inbound marketing, local seo marketing costs, lead generation

The Intersection of Inbound Marketing and Local SEO to Attract Organic Search Visitors

Inbound Marketing is a Subset of Local SEO Inbound Marketing and Local SEO don’t intersect per se, one is a subset of the other. Everything you for Inbound Marketing you also do for Local SEO: Publishing content to your website that you believe will be interesting and useful to your desired audience. Format it properly…

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inbound marketing, content marketing, brand publishing, story telling

To Be Heard, Explain How You Solve a Big Problem in a Simple Way

Getting the attention of your desired audience online is not easy. We’re all bombarded with messages every day. Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. It’s too many and it’s hard to keep up. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you want people to pay attention to what you’re saying, explain to them how you…

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email marketing, website conversions

Email Marketing Works in Generating Website Conversions and Sales

Social Media Experts Question Social Media Conversions Even with defining conversion as “the website visitor takes the desired action” (which could be to sign up for an email newsletter or download an eBook and not necessarily makes a purchase), social media experts are hard pressed to provide data demonstrating that social media marketing updates generate…

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small business content marketing, lead generation

Why Content Marketing is the Future of All Business to Consumer Communications

The Benefits of Content Marketing The main benefit of Content Marketing is that it works! Not overnight, but over time it works better than any form of marketing I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot over the years. Content Marketing is a significant shift in the way we market products and services. Rather than continuing to…

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Inbound Marketing University, lead generation, SEO

Lowering the Cost of Small Business Organic Traffic Visitors through Inbound Marketing

The BIG Problem with Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing is expensive. For the sake of argument let’s say you run a small business of 6 employees, $750K in annual revenues. A business of that size can not afford to hire an agency for $2,500 to $10,000 per month. The cash flow of the business does not…

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inbound marketing, seo, publishing consistency, organic traffic, lead generation

Importance to Persistence and Consistency to SEO and Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

Slow and Steady Wins at Inbound Marketing Slow and steady absolutely wins the race. Living in an age of instant gratification is terrible training for Inbound Marketing. Yes you want quality leads and yes you want them now. Fortunately or otherwise what works best is slow and steady. What are the two most important things…

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content marketing contains SEO which is the technical part

Shifting from Social Media to Content Marketing Increases Engagement and Leads

Smart Marketers are Making the Switch Why are smart marketers making the switch from Social Media Marketing to Content Marketing? The main reasons are below. Those Darn Studies that Show I’m guessing your landing or conversion pages are on your website. As such, you need to get people onto your website so you can walk…

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newsjacking, timely posts

Real Time Updates, Newsjacking, or Timely Posts to Increase SEO and Grow Traffic

What is Newsjacking? Newsjacking is a term that refers to using topics that are in the news right now (the emphasis being on right now) in your social media updates and blog posts in order to make them more interesting to a larger audience. The poster child for successful newsjacking was a tweet from Oreo…

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marketing as art and science, conversion, A/B testing

Marketing is Becoming a More Exact Science Over Time, with Digital and Inbound Leading

There is However, a lot That is Still Art With most forms of digital marketing (Inbound, Content, Social Media, etc) our ability to gather details about what both search engines and people respond to and how they respond, grows ever more detailed. And while it’s true that people respond in very predictable ways to known…

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Keyword research is NOT essential to SEO success

When “Never” is the Right Time to Post to Social Media to Grow Your Audience and Generate Leads

Social Media Marketing vs Inbound Marketing Could it be the right frequency with which to post to Social Media is never? Kind of, sort of. Please refer to the Google Analytics chart at the top of this post. The student whose website activity it shows took a class at International Technological University in downtown San…

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blog updates, website traffic, social media marketing, content marketing

Your Content Marketing Blog Should Drive Your Social Media

Social Media Augments Your Blog Nothing attracts relevant visitors to your website like publishing content to your website in a strong SEO friendly format, yet there is a strong focus and emphasis on social media marketing. A report from BrightEdge that was published a few weeks ago demonstrate that organic search is where it’s at,…

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link building, SEO traffic, relationship building

Link Building to Increase SEO Traffic is Networking via Social Media and Email

Link Building is Relationship Building We’ve all heard that link building, while incredibly important to your SEO success, is in fact good old fashioned relationship building through networking. A recent article titled It’s Not (All) About The Links: Communicating For Outreach Describes this dynamic very well. You need the links, we all do. But when…

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inbound marketing tools, lead generation

Growing Your Business by Generating Leads with Inbound Marketing

This post is continued from an earlier post Whose title is Essential Tools to Master Inbound Marketing to Generate Leads and Grow Your Business. Social Media This is the one where they blew it. BrightEdge is a digital marketing agency with some very big name big money clients (Home Depot, Microsoft, Adobe, Adidas, etc) and…

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inbound marketing tools, lead generation

Essential Tools to Master Inbound Marketing to Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Essential Tools of Inbound Marketing As I talk to more and more people about the benefits of Inbound Marketing I find a lot of people who are looking for tools, with a perspective that good tools will do the work for them. If you’re one of those people, I have bad news for you. There…

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customer engagement, lead generation

Customer Engagement to Improve Sales through Content Marketing

Engage Customers in Dialog on Your Website In addition to there being plenty of formats where you can engage your audience, there are also plenty of places your audience (customers, prospects, and others) can gather with you so you can get a better idea of what they want. Examples are various social media sites: Facebook…

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scottish independence, failure of social media marketing

Scotland Independence Vote Shows Failures of Social Media Marketing

Scottish Independence Vote and Social Media Marketing I paid attention to the Scottish Independence vote partly because I love politics and political satire, and this topic was ripe for satire. The video below is 15 minutes long, but it is both really funny and does a great job of explaining the issues in what is…

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real time marketing, john oliver, current trending topics

Grow Traffic with Real Time Marketing (aka News Jacking), John Oliver is Partly Right

What is News Jacking? When we want to appear to be more professional, we call it Real Time Marketing. It refers to the practice of incorporating currently trending timely news articles into your marketing activities. It is generally associated with social media networking sites such as twitter, but the idea also works for organic search…

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inbound marketing, seo, organic search

Integrating Search Engine Optimization and Content into Your Inbound Marketing

Integrating Content and SEO into Inbound Marketing? You sometimes find the silliest things on the Internet. During my daily scan of the industry news, I found an article that contains the following sentence…. … many companies are now integrating social media, search engine optimization, content and other tactics for Inbound Marketing purposes… Saying that someone…

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inbound marketing strategy vs implementation

Quality Lead Generation Results From Inbound Marketing Plus Email

Effective Lead Generation So much conflicting information is published about how you generate quality leads via the Internet. Facebook? Twitter? Adwords? What works best? Experts disagree, but I’ve done this enough times to know a formula that has worked over and over. Recently a list of Random Facts About Content Marketing (courtesy of Didi Zhelvea)…

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inbound marketing, lead generation

Spending Money on Content Marketing Will Grow Your Business and Generate Leads

A recent article published on a leading search website identifies the ad campaigns that they claim validate Content Marketing a where you should be spending your ad dollars today. They are right that content marketing deserves not only a good look, but also deserves real attention, as in you should do it within your business.…

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lead nuturing, marketing automation

Educating Prospects During the Interest Phase of Your AIDA Sales Funnel

Not Everyone Buys Right Away, Some Need Time and Attention A prior post discussed an article recently published by James Green about the need to nurture leads in the middle of your sales funnel (another way of saying in the middle of their decision process). This post picks up where that one left off and…

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aida sales funnel, lead generation, lead nuturing, sales

Lead Generation and Nurturing Prospects in the Middle of Your Sales Funnel

Nurturing Leads in Your Sales Funnel I scan trade press email every day to stay current on what people are talking about and although most of what I read feels like filler (they have to publish something) on an almost daily basis I find articles I either strongly agree with or strongly disagree with. In…

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business blogging attracts customers

Content Marketing Causes Your Blog to Attract Customers to Your Business

Content marketing is also known as blogging for business. A recent article published on a leading search website says “Blogs are a form of social media“. A form of? Not really. Done right, blogs are the absolute KING of social media. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is better at attracting your crowd to your website…

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search engine optimization for business to business

Lead Generation for B2B Businesses through Social Media Marketing

The Benefit of B2B Social Media Marketing A recent article in a reputable trade journal is promoting the benefit of social media marketing for B2B businesses. That’s a fine strategy as long as you understand the place to be social is on your website, not on the website of a social media networking site such…

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problems with lead generation through social media marketing

The Biggest Problems with Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing

The Biggest Problems with Social Media Marketing When you pay attention to the hype, you would think social media marketing attracts huge amounts of traffic to your website and generates quality leads. Recent studies provided case studies of Harley Davidson and Victoria’s Secret and concluded Social Media Marketing has a very poor ROI. A more…

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content marketing and lead generation success traits

The Top 10 Traits of a Great Content Marketing / Lead Generation Person

What Makes for a Good Content Marketing Person There are certain personality traits that definitely makes one a better content marketing person. The top 10 traits are listed below. Can Tell a Story Content marketing is not all about stories, some of it is boring dry facts. However being able to describe things in ways…

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attract your audience to your website

What is Social Media Marketing and How Does it Generate Leads?

There seem to be about as many opinions about what social media marketing is and is not as there are “experts” able to have such an opinion. So what is the real deal? Where is the ROI? I know some will disagree with this next statement, but I’ve seen hard and fast data to back…

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