How to generate more leads using content marketing

Why content marketing is the best when it comes to lead generation

Then why do most small businesses who do content marketing report poor results?

While it’s easy to say “they’re doing it wrong”, in what way do small businesses commonly do it wrong?

In general, the answers fall into two broad categories:

  • Attracting your audience
  • Conversion

Attracting your audience

The important thing to understand here is relative to SEO (search engine optimization) before you get the attention of people, you must first get the attention of the search engines.

While doing so is easy in concept, the day to day work of making that happen feels hard. Why?

It looks like journalism

Is it really marketing when what you publish are not ads or advertorials? Yes, but until you grow an audience there are too few people to convert showing up.

To get people to show up you publish to your website and you publish often. The internal between posts is measured in hours, not days.

This requires your content marketing person (or people) to think like a journalist. Be constantly on the lookout for story ideas for which they write and publish.


The marketing piece is overlaid onto the publishing activity. It’s as if your website (or more accurately the blog part of your website) becomes an online magazine that only runs ads from one company, and that company is yours.

This is accomplished with well placed Calls to Action, landing pages, gated content, etc.

So, is your content marketing strategy updated for lead generation?

It is very important to track all your lead generation efforts to see if they’re working.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

The combination of content marketing and what is called marketing automation (sophisticated email marketing) you can align your marketing and sales people. YTour sales people no longer have to hunt for leads. Proper content marketing strategy will successfully attract leads to your sales people without using much outbound effort. People who are interested in what you sell will start finding you.

An effective content marketing strategy helps sales and marketing people to be on the same page. Marketing people are able to know the type of leads their content is bringing in and sales are able to know what content marketing is pumping out.

When your content marketing strategy is able to bring your sales and marketing people together, they together are able to generate more web traffic and generate more quality leads by making periodic course corrections to your publishing strategy.

Gated content not only generates leads, but can be done to filter in high quality leads. If they find your content more interesting, they will want to know more about your business.

Generally, a Content Marketing strategy for small businesses leads to success, but you’ve got to do it right.

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