Better Marketing through Customer Focus

We’re busy. We’re bombarded with marketing messages all day, every day. We’re very good at filtering them out. Until we let one through.

Customers have different behaviors and preferences. They need to be motivated along their buying journey in a chain of steps for them to make a purchase.

Think about your relationship to the bombardment of marketing messages you see every day.

Why do you become consciously aware of some, while filtering out most?

Because some speak to you in a way that gets through, while most do not. You feel they are of interest to you. You feel they apply to you in some way.

Two things occur when that happens:

  1. The message is about you in some way. From the perspective of the company, their marketing message is customer focused.
  2. And in order for a message to get through to you, it feels relevant to you, in some way.

As a marketer and a brand, you have no control over the 2nd item (not every message you send fits everyone who sees it), but you absolutely control the 1st.

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Why customer focus matters?

At the risk of sounding a bit cold, why would you think anyone cares about you? Seems a bit self-centered, doesn’t it.

We’ve got our own problems. Our own issues. Our own set of responsibilities and obligations we need to tend to. The last thing we have space for is to spend two brain cells or two seconds thinking about you.

Unless of course, you’re able to help us with our stuff. Then we’re interested.

So as a business, as a brand, as a marketer, don’t talk about us, talk to us. Directly.

Don’t talk products. Don’t talk features. Talk benefits. Tell us in direct terms how you’re going to help.

Then MAYBE you’ll get through.

This is the whole point of customer focused marketing.

Who are you talking to?

Even the largest of businesses don’t sell to everyone. Even has a demographic (or two or twenty) who doesn’t care about them or buy from them.

So who do you sell to? Be very specific, because in your marketing messages and your content marketing you’re going to speak to them.

To maximize your content’s potential you need to have a dedicated strategy for your content efforts. The 1st step is to define the purpose of your content then Identify your target audience. You need to understand your customers’ needs to determine the type of content that will be useful and make a difference for them and meet their needs.

Busy parents? Working moms? Homeowners? Motorcycle riders? People who love a good story but are too busy to read?

Put some thought into it. The success of your marketing depends on it.

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What do they care about?

Once you’ve got an idea of WHO you’re speaking to, the next question is what might get through to them? What do they care about? What would help them in their day to day lives?

How do you find out? Find a way to ask some.

Why “it’s not about you”

Because….. When you talk about yourself, people tune you out. Both without being aware of it (this is a defense mechanism that counteracts the marketing message bombardment we all see every day), and through the use of ad blocker software on our computers.

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As Concerns Content Marketing

The beauty of content marketing is THEY FIND YOU. People go online to do research for something they’re interested in or need, and their research leads them to your website, where they fill out a form and become a lead.

Why did they fill out the form? Because they got the idea that you can help them. For that reason, they’re willing to “pay the cost” of having you contact them.

How did they get that idea?

Something in your website both:

  • Showed up in their search results, and
  • Spoke to them

This is how you cut through the clutter of the daily marketing message bombardment and actually get through to people with an interest in what you sell.

In practical terms

As your content marketing is merely an extension of your business, a customer focus is not just relevant to your content marketing, it’s relevant to your business.

Having said that, sometimes companies that have “lost their way” relative to focusing on customers can be nudged back, and customer centric content is a helpful part of doing so.

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