The Cornerstone of Inbound Marketing is…..

A recent article in make the statement that SEO is the cornerstone of Inbound Marketing.

I understand this article is intended for people who are new to the concepts of lead generation through Inbound Marketing, but I could not let that comment rest without attempting to correct that misconception.

While successful Inbound Marketing requires SEO, that’s like saying cars require engines. If a car does not have an engine, it’s not really a car, as it doesn’t serve the prime purpose of a car.

If your Inbound Marketing does not contain proper SEO formatting, it’s not really Inbound Marketing, it’s blogging as a hobby.

Inbound Marketing is Journalism Wrapped with Marketing

And the core activity of all journalism is publishing.

More specifically, finding, generating, scheduling, and publishing articles and stories that are interesting and relevant to your desired audience.

When you do Inbound Marketing, this is as true for your website as it is for Popular Science magazine.

The primary differences between your website and Popular Science is:

  1. You publish almost exclusively to your website, they have a paper magazine.
  2. The bulk of their revenues come from the sales of ads, while you sell your products and services.

Those are differences of format more than structure.

You attracting your audience to your website and they attracting their audience to their magazine are more similar than they are different.

Journalism is journalism.

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