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Modern Marketing (aka Inbound, Content, Digital) for Lead Generation is to be Embraced

Embrace Modern Marketing or be Left Behind

Modern marketing goes by various names:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Etc

But in fact modern marketing more closely resembles Journalism (more on that below) is here to stay (and more on that below).

You have two choices: 1) Embrace it, or 2) Be left behind by those who do.

Modern Marketing Resembles Journalism

I find this is perhaps THE hardest point to get across to marketing professionals. For decades (over a century in fact) marketing has been focused on “campaigns” and “sales channels”.

Today marketing is focused on publishing.

Journalism on the other hand is based on publishing stories and articles that are interesting and useful, and doing so in prescribed formats within self imposed deadlines.

Do you want your website to be found by your desired audience? Think of it like a publication and treat it the way any journalist treats any publication.

Be constantly looking for stories your desired audience will find interesting and useful. Publish them to your website on a “proper” and regular schedule.

Modern Marketing is Here to Stay

Disruptions in industries occur when the cost of something drops to the point where more people can afford it.

The horse and buggy was displaced by the Model T. Not by the car per se, but by the Model T. This was the first car mass produced for the masses. It was so cheap middle class families could afford to own one.

The music industry was disrupted when the cost of distributing a single song dropped to near zero.

Twenty years ago, hosting a website and publishing via your website was expensive. Today it’s near free. A domain and quality hosting can be had for $15 a month. WordPress is an excellent web server and content management platform and it’s free.

These cost reductions allow anyone to cheaply bring up a website and publish a steady stream of relevant and useful posts. This is the THE basis of Inbound Marketing.


You either get onboard, or you get left behind.

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